WWE News: Former Champion Is Not Happy To Just ‘Sit On The Bench’ In WWE


WWE’s roster is absolutely immense and it is difficult to find time, storylines, and space for everyone on it. Even with the superstars being spread between Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, 205 Live, and NXT, there are going to be some who can’t find their spot. One former champion is in that category and he has now admitted to fans that he is not happy just riding the bench.

Matt Hardy hasn’t been seen on WWE television in months, but the Hardy Boyz were on a hot streak earlier this year. They had just won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship when an injury happened to Jeff Hardy and caused them to have to give up the titles.

Jeff had successful surgery on his knee in May and it is possible he may return in early November, but that remains to be seen. His brother Matt is healthy and is still sitting on the sidelines, as WWE has had nothing for him to do and the fans have noticed.

One fan said on Twitter that he felt as if Matt’s true calling was “as a promoter or in creative,” but the multi-time former champion feels differently. Matt has worked a bit behind-the-scenes as an agent and producer, but he’s not yet ready to stop being an in-ring performer.

Matt Hardy prepares to enter the ring on an episode of Monday Night Raw.
Featured image credit: WWE

In responding to the fan, Matt actually said that he is nowhere near hanging up his ring gear and getting away from being an active wrestler. He’s ready to get back to doing what he does best.

“Thanks, Sam. Appreciate that. I can’t say I disagree with you. For the few years I have left as an in-ring performer, I wanna kick a** & contribute to the industry-not sit on the bench.”

The Hardy Boyz’ last match together was a win over The Usos on SmackDown Live back in early April. After Jeff’s injury took him out of action and required surgery, Matt just disappeared from WWE television.

Matt hasn’t been involved in a match, televised or not, since the huge battle royale on WWE Super ShowDown in June. He’s healthy and ready to get back into the ring, but it is obvious that WWE is waiting for his return.

The Hardy Boyz have a very long history in professional wrestling, and as long as they can stay healthy, they’ll be able to work for any promotion that signs them. Right now, they are under contract with WWE until some time in 2020 and time missed due to injuries could be added to that in the long run.

Matt Hardy is healthy now, and he’s ready to get back in the ring and continue his quest for gold.