Royal Insider Claims Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan Are Having The ‘Summer Of Hell’

Niklas Halle'nGetty Images

Since the birth of their first child, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had several public relations missteps, and royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell is calling this season their “summer of hell,” and a palace insider agrees.

Page Six reports that Campbell, who has written several books about the royals, believes that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are messing up royally, saying that even the palace doesn’t seem to be able to get them in line.

“[The couple’s recent behavior is] a public relations disaster for Buckingham Palace, who are having a hard time reining them in,” Campbell said.

Various sources are reporting that Markle told magazine publishers that she wanted to “break the internet” when she guest-edited the recent issue of British Vogue in an effort to gain more celebrity.

Campbell believes that Meghan is in over her head and playing the game all wrong, and it’s turning out badly for herself and Prince Harry.

“Meghan is clearly calling the shots, but she’s a minor operator who is playing in the big leagues and mucking it up in the most catastrophic fashion.”

Prince Harry got called out for talking about ecological concerns and then flying on a private jet, and then said he did so to protect his family. But the prince was further embarrassed when his brother, along with his family, flew on a discount commercial airline the same week, making the Duke of Sussex look tone deaf.

A source that has worked with royals says that when they preach one thing and do another, they look like “eco-hypocrites.”

The drama at Wimbledon didn’t improve things, and when Prince Harry made his comment about having two children maximum, it was thought to be a slight against Prince William and Kate Middleton, which was thought to be disrespectful.

Royal editor Duncan Larcombe said that Prince Harry’s comments shocked him.

“I was stunned by Harry’s stupid comments about only having two kids when his brother has three. And this wasn’t a throwaway line — this was in a copy-approved interview. It’s madness.”

Things have become further complicated as the duchess has continued bringing people on board from her past life as an actress, and it isn’t meshing well with her new place in the royal family. Markle recently hired Sunshine Sachs, a crisis management firm out of New York, which is said to be a move further away from what the British public think she should be doing as someone whose life is funded, at least in part by the local populous.