Snow reaches Florida too, nowhere is safe

As most of the US and the UK deal with intermittent snow and ice, normally exempt Florida has been suffering from intermittent snow over the past few days, too.

The place we all send our parents so we don’t have to dig them out too when the white stuff starts hammering is generally snow free, although it’s been known to fall from time to time in the Sunshine state. Snow flurries (as well as sleet and rain) were spotted today in “Melbourne west to Kenansville and north across Volusia , Seminole, Orange and Lake counties.” A long time Florida resident spoke to a local paper about recent snow activity:

“I was excited about Florida getting snow,” he said, lighting up a cigar. The occasion was momentous enough that they made a sign to go behind the snow people to commemorate the date.

“The last time it was like this that I can remember it was ’76-’77,” said Calvin White, Cummings’ neighbor. “I was in high school.”

Snow last fell in the area in January of 2008 and before that, January of 2003. Measurable amounts of snow last fell on December 23rd, 1989- over twenty years ago.