September 6, 2019
'RHOC' Star Kelly Dodd Travels To Capri With Boyfriend Rick Leventhal, Responds To Mommy-Shamers On Instagram

Kelly Dodd shared a series of photos of herself and new boyfriend Rick Leventhal on Instagram on Friday, September 7, and was immediately met with criticism over the whereabouts of her daughter.

Following the posting of her photos, which were taken on a yacht off the coast of the Italian island, the Real Housewives of Orange County star, who went public with the Fox News correspondent just weeks ago, was called out by a fan who suggested her daughter Jolie was watching and learning from afar.

"I had her last week you troll! Plus she's with my Mother right now!" Dodd fired back.

Dodd has been in Italy for at least the past couple of days and shortly before that, she and Leventhal were enjoying a romantic getaway in London, where they shared plenty of photos of one another on both of their accounts. Between trips, Leventhal had been stationed in Puerto Rico, where he was covering Hurricane Dorian.

Leventhal also spent time working for Fox News in Florida after his stay in Puerto Rico.

According to one particular fan, who has been following the travels of Dodd, the reality star has hardly been in Orange County at all over the past four to six weeks. As the fan explained, Dodd quickly ran from her relationship with Dr. Brian Reagan, who is currently appearing alongside her on The Real Housewives of Orange County, to her relationship with Leventhal, which may be hard on her teenage daughter.

Another fan suggested Dodd had only cared for Jolie for one week over the past month. However, according to Dodd, she didn't have Jolie because "she was at camp."

Dodd's most recent photo of Jolie was shared on Instagram on August 15 but was not taken by her. Instead, as she explained in the caption of the image, it was taken by her former husband, Michael Dodd, who had gotten their child glasses while she enjoyed time with her friends in Greece.

While Dodd may not share many photos of Jolie on her social media pages, that certainly doesn't confirm that she isn't spending enough time with her. In fact, it is no real indicator of how much time they spend together at all, especially considering Jolie may not want to have her photo posted all over her famous mother's page.

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