'Big Brother 21' Spoilers: A New Head Of Household Is Revealed After Wild Double-Eviction Night

The finale of Big Brother 21 is just a few more evictions away and the houseguests were left reeling after a double eviction Thursday night. Fans were left hanging in terms of the next Head of Household competition, but spoilers reveal that this battle took place Friday morning. A new HOH has been crowned and the nominations should come soon.

The live feeds went down late Friday morning and fans knew this meant the Head of Household competition was likely beginning. The buzz is that Swaggy and Bayleigh from last summer were involved in this one in some way and BB21 fans will get to watch it all go down during Sunday's episode.

Swaggy teased via his Twitter page that Jackson Michie did a fantastic job during the new HOH competition. It didn't take long after the feeds returned for Big Brother spoilers to emerge detailing that Jackson won once again.

Jackson and his showmance partner Holly Allen have been dominating the Head of Household competitions for much of the season and all of the houseguests agree they're a dangerous duo. However, Holly and Jackson also have a tight alliance with Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg, which has helped them get this far.

Nicole was briefly the HOH during the second part of Thursday's double-eviction show and that meant Jackson was eligible to compete for the title again this time. Everybody said they'd be playing hard for this HOH win and Big Brother spoilers indicate that Jackson pulled it off again.

As Twitter spoiler account @BB_Updates shared, Cliff pointed out that the Power of Veto has immense power this week. The POV winner can keep themselves safe, along with one of the nominees if they aren't on the block themselves. This definitely has the potential to really shake things up.

Tommy Bracco will surely be nominated, and Big Brother spoilers suggest that Jackson may nominate Cliff next to him. If Nicole could somehow manage to win the POV, she could pull Cliff down and Jackson would have to nominate Holly. If those BB21 players with votes really wanted to cause chaos, they'd band together to blindside Jackson and Holly and vote her out.

Granted, that only happens if Nicole wins POV, and that isn't necessarily likely to happen. If Tommy wins POV he'll surely save himself, and it would be shocking if Jackson put Holly on the block over Nicole.

Morty's TV noted via Twitter that the houseguests have been made aware that the nominations will be done today too. That means that the Power of Veto competition should come at some point on Saturday, and the POV ceremony is usually held mid-day on Monday.

Will Jackson nominate Tommy and Cliff and will Tommy be the next one to head to the jury? Stay tuned for additional Big Brother 21 spoilers as the game continues to see whether a solid duo will be split up this week or not.