September 6, 2019
WWE Rumors: Major Update On 'NXT' Creative Changes

In recent years, WWE has been criticized for not putting trust in superstars to come up with their own promos. With the exception of a trusted few performers, the roster's speech segments are scripted, or they're at least demanded to adhere to some bullet points given to them by the company's team of writers.

As reported by 411Mania, WWE recently hired more writers to contribute to NXT as the show prepares to go live on the USA Network in a two-hour time slot later this month. WWE likely plans to use the black-and-gold brand show to counteract All Elite Wrestling's weekly program, which will air on TNT every Wednesday starting next month.

In the latest developments pertaining to NXT's creative process, though, it has been revealed that the promos will be heavily scripted. Citing Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, Wrestling Inc. reports that superstars will be given more guidance when the show moves to USA, though he didn't confirm if this will apply to every wrestler and personality on the show.

This is interesting as AEW promises to let their superstars have creative freedom over their promos. Meltzer notes that while some segments will be laid out beforehand, and some promos will require some bullet points to follow, the wrestlers will still be allowed to come up with their own words and storylines. At the time of this writing, the company doesn't even plan on hiring any creative writers.

AEW promises to be an alternative to WWE, so on Wednesday nights, fans can expect to see two distinctly different forms of sports entertainment. The latest NXT news will likely come as a sign of worry for fans of the black-and-gold brand as well, as many are wary that the show will become too similar to Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live.

According to Triple H, however, he'll still be running the show and NXT should remain the same for the most part. As quoted by Wrestling Inc., "The Game" told talkSPORT that Vince McMahon will be involved in some capacity, but he's not taking over the ship.
"Yeah, he's gonna have some say in some things, as far as like the brand sits and the marketing of it within USA and clearly, whatever he wants to do at the end of the day, but at this point in time, he's basically just said, 'Go make this thing a success.'"
It remains to be seen if Triple H remains fully in charge when NXT makes its way to live television, but surely Vince McMahon won't interfere with everything his son-in-law built and turned into a success.