‘Outlander’ Stars Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe Do Video Q&A For Fans About Season 5

Cindy OrdGetty Images

Many Outlander fans were disappointed to find out that Season 5 of the popular series would not debut until February 2020, but stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe did a live impromptu Facebook video chat, offering to answer questions for their fans.

While the two actors who play Jamie and Claire did not spill the beans on too many topics, they did shoot the video in the kitchen set of their house, which is supposed to be at Fraser’s Ridge in North Carolina.

While Heughan shared that Outlander Season 5 will debut first in the United States on February 16, followed by the international debut the following Monday, he also hinted that there is a great character making their return in the fifth season.

Fansided teased some details about the Facebook chat, including that the stars plan to do another Q&A sometime soon, but say they will announce it in advance. While it was difficult to get a good look at the kitchen of the Big House at Fraser’s Ridge, at the end of the video the camera panned out to give a peek at the wall cabinetry and the fireplace.

The Big House is significant, according to Fansided, because it was mentioned in the obituary that burned, which caused Brianna to travel back in time.

The cabin in North Carolina from Season 4 was meant to be a temporary structure while Jamie and family worked on the Big House, and it’s likely that some of the drama of the new season will be caused by too many people stuffed into a small space while the new house is finished.

But while Heughan and Balfe kept the frame tight around them, they were willing to talk about a new co-star, Adso the cat, who seemed to prefer to curl up by the fireplace rather than appear in his scenes.

Balfe said that Adso did some damage to a few costumes on the Outlander set after someone forgot to trim his nails before a scene.

A fan asked Heughan what his favorite scene to film for the upcoming season was, and that’s when he mentioned the returning character. He teased that he couldn’t go into any detail about the scene, because it would give too much away, but it seems that the best part of this current shoot was the scene with the returning character. Could it be Lord John Grey, who has a bond with Jamie and Claire, or maybe the treacherous Stephen Bonnet, who would no doubt spark an unwelcome reaction for the Frasers? Fans will have to wait until February for the end of droughtlander.