New Middle School At Fort Campbell, KY Cut Because Of Military Funds Being Used For Donald Trump’s Border Wall

Motown31Wikimedia Commons

President Donald Trump’s border wall is reportedly being paid for with military funding, which means that, among other projects also being delayed or canceled, a new middle school at Kentucky’s Fort Campbell is off the table.

As Nashville’s NewsChannel 5 reports, about $3.6 billion in Pentagon money is being shuffled around to pay for the border wall, a key project of the Trump administration. However, moving that money to border funding means that 127 other projects in the works have been delayed or cut altogether. And that includes $62 million that had been slated to go toward the building of a new middle school at Fort Campbell, which sits along the Tennessee-Kentucky border.

So overcrowded is the current building where the kids learn that some classrooms have as many as 30 kids. Base officials had hoped to renovate the existing high school on the base to make room for kids in sixth, seventh and eighth grades. However, that project is now shelved until further notice.

Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper is outraged. In a statement, he accused Trump of stooping to new lows in trying to “illegally” fund the border wall.

“His latest funding grab includes raiding $63 million that was slated to build a much-needed middle school at Fort Campbell. Our troops and their families deserve better…President Trump should not be hurting the troops with young children at Fort Campbell this way,” he wrote.

It’s not just at Fort Campbell where money that had once been earmarked for schools or other military projects has been diverted to pay for the border wall.

As Politico reports, $13 million for a child development center at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland has been moved to pay for the border wall. Also, $32.9 million for an elementary school at North Carolina’s Fort Bragg is supposedly going toward wall construction. However, the Pentagon reportedly said the Fort Bragg school project had been “previously canceled.” Also gone is $67.1 million that had been earmarked to replace a school in Puerto Rico.

And it’s not just U.S. military bases that are taking the hit. School construction projects at U.S. military facilities in Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Belgium are all seeing money set aside for school construction projects moved to purportedly pay for the border wall.

According to a companion Politico report, there are other military projects besides schools for children that are getting canceled or delayed to pay for the border wall. Those projects include plans to upgrade an engineering center and parking structure at the U.S. Military Academy in New York.