Donald Trump ‘Conclusively’ Failed Evaluation Of ‘Basic Mental Capacity,’ Says Yale Psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee

Per The Inquisitr, Yale psychiatrist Dr. Bandy X. Lee has been open about her thoughts on Donald Trump’s mental state. She previously suggested that the president is unfit for office and even claims that the media, politicians, and American public don’t understand that danger that his “mental pathology” poses to North America. It is for this reason that she suggested in a Raw Story interview last month that he is avoiding impeachment and making it difficult for the public to call him out on his “unprecedented falsification of truths as lies.”

A new study that was presented at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association suggests that Trump’s most ardent supporters are driven by a desire for “chaos” and want to see society burn. Following the release of the study, Raw Story reports that Lee once again spoke to the publication about Trump’s purported mental health issues.

Interestingly, Lee suggests that the general avoidance of speaking about Trump’s mental help stems from fear.

“We are avoiding the issue because the mental health problem in the president is very real,” she said. “In psychiatry, avoiding the topic at all cost counts as proof that there is an issue. As a consequence, those who need care the most do not get it, just as our whole country is not.”

Of course, many are skeptical of attempts to diagnose Trump and point to the Goldwater rule, which refers to section 7 in the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Principles of Medical Ethics that suggests psychiatrists shouldn’t give opinions on public figures who they haven’t met. Per Newsweek, this hasn’t stopped people like Lee and others, such as David Cay Johnston, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Making Of Donald Trump, from questioning the president’s mental health.

When pressed on whether Trump is fit for duty, Lee was clear of her opinion.

“We already know he is not. We performed a mental capacity evaluation on him — a standard test of the most basic criteria — and he failed conclusively. Without basic mental capacity, no presidential capacity, let alone capacity for most jobs, is possible.”

Lee claims that Trump has the ability to detect vulnerability in “desperate” people and manipulate them for his own reasons. She says she came to understand how he accomplished this when she met a right-wing radio host that channeled his bitterness and paranoia through the airwaves. According to Lee, the unnamed host would have remained a fringe figure were it not for heavy funding from the Koch brothers.

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