Donald Trump Re-Election ‘In Serious Danger,’ Reports ‘Washington Post,’ Trump’s Advisers Know He’s In Trouble

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Advisers to Donald Trump are reportedly going to “extraordinary lengths” to cover up his “political weakness and record of profound failure.” Supposedly, they now fear that Trump’s bid for a second term in the 2020 presidential election is in danger, and those same advisers are now in fear that Trump will lose, according to a new Washington Post analysis published on Wednesday.

While the advisers see “multiple flashing indicators” that Trump’s re-election is now anything but a sure thing, the recent downturn in the United States manufacturing sector perhaps causes Trump and his aides the greatest fear of all, according to Post columnist Greg Sargent, who pointed to a dire New York Times report Tuesday. The Times reported on a new manufacturing sector report — described as “pretty ugly” by Oxford Economics analyst Greg Daco — that showed U.S. manufacturing contracting in August to its lowest level since January 2016.

The manufacturing index sank to 49.1 from 51.2 the month before, according to The Times, which noted that any figure below 50 in the index is considered contraction. The drop was made more alarming by the fact that economists had predicted that the manufacturing sector would show expansion in August. The drop possibly indicates that Trump’s trade war with China is taking a toll on the U.S. economy, potentially driving the country into recession, according to The Times report.

A steel worker welds metal.
The United States manufacturing sector is slowing down, exactly the opposite of what Donald Trump promised.Featured image credit: David McNewGetty Images

Economic analyst Michael Steel, a former aide to Republican House Speaker John Boehner, told Politico that if Trump is banking his re-election bid on the strength of the economy, “it feels like they are riding a rubber ducky into alligator-infested waters.”

But Sargent notes that the major media rarely discusses the fact that “Trump and his advisers fear he’s failing and might lose reelection as a result.” Instead, the Post columnist notes, political pundits “proceed as if Trump has some sort of clever political trick up his sleeve.”

As The Inquisitr has reported, the charitable media coverage of Trump’s re-election chances has also extended to his polling results, with few outlets calling Trump’s chances into question even after 19 straight polls have shown Democratic front-runner Joe Biden leading Trump by wide margins.

But as journalist and pundit Eric Boehlert pointed out in a Daily Kos column, any previous incumbent who was taking the beating in the polls that Trump is receiving from Biden “would likely be getting hammered by the pundit class as it dubbed his presidency a failure.”