NRA Is Labeled A Terrorist Organization By San Francisco’s Legislative Body

Newsweek reports that San Francisco’s board of directors passed a resolution Tuesday that labels the National Rifle Association (NRA) a terrorist organization. The declaration, written by District 2 Supervisor Catherine Stefani, accuses the NRA of using its wealth influence to “promote gun ownership” and “incite gun owners to acts of violence.”

“All countries have violent and hateful people, but only in America do we give them ready access to assault weapons and large-capacity magazines thanks, in large part, to the National Rifle Association’s influence,” it reads.

The city’s legislative body was reportedly inspired to write the resolution after the mass shooting at Gilroy Garlic Festival, which led to the deaths of three people. The subsequent mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso and Odessa, both in Texas, served to reinforce the board’s decision.

“People are dying every day in this country, and doing nothing is not an option, and that is what the NRA continues to do,” Stefani said.

According to the NRA, the resolution is a “ludicrous stunt” intended to divert attention from San Francisco’s real problems: drug abuse, homelessness, and increasing petty crime. CNS News reports that the organization is fighting for the rights of law-abiding United States citizens to “purchase, possess and use firearms” per the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The recent spate of mass shootings in the U.S. has renewed calls for tighter gun control. Although President Donald Trump claims that Congress is in talks about solutions, nothing tangible has materialized as of yet.

Per The Inquisitr, Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently agreed to debate liberal activist Alyssa Milano about gun control and the Constitution. Cruz suggested that civil discourse ⁠— despite the pair’s political differences ⁠— might help to “resolve the discord” the country is facing.

Under mounting pressure, Walmart recently vowed to stop selling certain kinds of guns and ammunition, such as handguns and short-barrel rifle ammo. The company claims that it will sell the remaining inventory of handgun ammunition and committed to discontinuing handgun sales to Alaska ⁠— the last state where Walmart continues to sell handguns.

Back in 2015, Walmart ceased the sale of assault-style rifles, and in 2018, it increased the age to purchase guns from 18 to 21.

The Hill reported that Walmart’s decision was not well-received by the NRA.

“It is shameful to see Walmart succumb to the pressure of the anti-gun elites,” the organization said in a statement, adding that the company will soon lose business as gun advocates take their business to other retailers that are “more supportive of America’s fundamental freedoms.”

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