‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Elizabeth Is Determined To Get Franco Back, But Cameron Has Bad News

Todd WawrychukABC

A new weekly sneak peek is out for General Hospital, and spoilers hint that there’s a lot of Franco drama on the way. Elizabeth wants to get her husband back, but Franco currently seems determined to continue living with Drew’s memories rather than try to recover his own. From the looks of things, this situation will cause a lot of heartbreak in the days ahead.

The new preview clip starts out showing Elizabeth talking with Julian. She’ll explain that she’s prepared to do almost anything to get her husband back, and viewers saw her talking about a potential strategy last week with Franco’s dad, Scott. It looks like Liz will also mention to Julian that she thinks Kim has feelings for Franco since he’s so focused on the memories of Drew’s he has from the time Drew was with Kim.

Sure enough, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Kim and Franco will spend time together at Oscar’s Meadow, and the two will end up kissing. As The Inquisitr shared, Cameron will be walking by and see them. Obviously, this will not sit well with him.

Cameron is struggling a great deal over all of this, especially since Franco saved him as Shiloh and Dr. Cabot were trying to perform this memory-swapping procedure on the teen. Cam had just come to embrace having Franco as part of the family, but ultimately, his loyalty is with his mother.

Cam will be with Trina when he encounters Franco and Kim in the park. Soap Central indicates that Cameron’s temper will get the best of him, and he’ll probably make it clear he’s angry with Kim and Franco at the park. Trina may intervene and try to calm him down, but this isn’t the end of the drama.

Elizabeth and Cameron have had their fair share of troubles as he’s hit the teen years, but when push comes to shove, he has his mom’s back. The preview shows Cam approaching Liz and telling her there’s something he needs to talk to her about. As much as he may hate having to tell her, it looks like he’ll feel as if she needs to know about the kiss.

Liz will also talk with Jason about this complicated situation, and fans know that Jason is no fan of Franco’s. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jason will try to be supportive of Liz and her kids, and he’s tried talking to Franco already and didn’t accomplish much.

From the sounds of things, this Franco/Drew situation will continue for a while. General Hospital spoilers for next week indicate that Kim will cave to temptation, and fans have a hunch she and “Drew” will end up sleeping together.

Can Elizabeth manage to get the true Franco back? Fans want it to happen, and additional General Hospital spoilers hinting at where things head next should become available as the week of September 2 plays out.