‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers For Week 5: Stunning Returns And Exits Rock The Group

It’s time for Week 5 of Bachelor in Paradise and these next couple of episodes are going to be especially crazy. Spoilers tease that multiple love triangles will be causing chaos all over the beach and fans will have a lot to keep track of as these next couple of shows play out.

A sneak peek shared via the show’s Twitter page teases that there will be additional tension between John Paul Jones and Derek Peth. Viewers watched last week as JPJ tore into Derek at the wedding and things still haven’t fully settled down. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest that there’s another round of fighting on the way.

How will this dramatic triangle be resolved? According to spoiler king Reality Steve, Derek eventually will end up in tears and decide to head home. Apparently, as John and Derek fight, Tayshia Adams basically takes JPJ’s side and this becomes too much for Derek.

There are plenty of new arrivals setting the stage for another round of dates this week. Clay Harbor and his ex-girlfriend Angela Amezcua already faced one another for the first time since their split a few months ago, and now she’s on the beach with a date card. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note that she’ll take Mike Johnson out, but Tayshia will be worried about the remaining connection between Clay and Angela that she saw at the wedding.

Tayshia is close with Clay’s current flame, Nicole Lopez-Alvar, and Tayshia will worry that her friend is going to end up hurt. For now, Clay and Angela will seemingly agree they both need to move on, but that doesn’t mean this is fully over.

Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that in addition to Connor Saeli having joined the group, Matt Donald, Luke Stone, and Chase McNary are hitting the beach too. Chase will take out Angela and there will be a double date involving Matt and Luke with Sydney Lotuaco and Kristina Schulman.

As has been the case with essentially every episode in Season 6, ABC hasn’t made it clear where Monday’s show will end. However, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that Blake Horstmann will approach Kristina at some point soon and ask if they can give their relationship another shot. She’ll give him her next rose, but it doesn’t sound as if she’ll be jumping back into a romance with him.

When the next rose ceremony is shown, there won’t be too many surprises and it seems that Derek will be gone by this point. Reality Steve says that in addition to the existing couples exchanging roses, Luke will get a one from Haley Ferguson and Sydney gives hers to Matt. Angela’s rose goes to Chase, and unfortunately, this will leave Mike without a rose.

There are still three more women set to arrive after this and a lot more drama on the horizon. Whitney Fransway, Bri Barnes, and Revian Chang will arrive with date cards and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have shown that Dean Unglert will return.

Dean’s return has been teased to be shown this week, seemingly coming on Monday night. Caelynn will think she’s set with Connor Saeli, believing that things could never have worked with Dean. However, as soon as Dean returns, she’s torn.

According to Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers, Dean will tell Caelynn that he made a mistake in leaving. He’ll tell her he wants to be with her, and she’ll quit the show and leave with him.

As unexpected as the pairing of Caelynn and Dean may be, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have revealed that they are still together now. As The Inquisitr recently noted, several other pairs from Season 6 remain together at this point too.

Viewers will get updates from everybody soon during a pre-taped reunion show after all of the craziness of the final few episodes air. Based on all of the juicy Bachelor in Paradise spoilers floating around, fans will definitely be buzzing about all of these status updates.

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