Elderly Woman Kicked Off Train For Singing Gospel Hymns [Video]

Elderly Woman Kicked Off Train For Singing Gospel Hymns

An elderly woman was kicked off a train for singing gospel hymns in Miami. Emma Anderson, age 82, was forced off the Miami Metrorail when she refused to stop singing.

A fellow passenger recorded the incident on a cell phone. Anderson can be heard calling out for help as the guard grabbed her suitcase and attempted to escort her from the train.

Anderson was not ready to get off the train and initially refused to leave. With the guard holding the suitcase handle and Anderson holding the other end, the two got into a tug-of-war match.

Eventually, Anderson lost her footing and was yanked across the train car by the guard. The woman fell backwards, landing on her shoulder. Her luggage can be seen bursting open, the contents spilling across the floor. Passengers were outraged. One of the witnesses can be heard asking the guard for his name and telling him that his treatment of the woman was inappropriate.

As discussed by the Huffington Post, Miami-Dade Transit responded to the elderly woman being kicked off the train by releasing a statement. The statement explained that the transit system has rules and regulations meant to account for the comfort of all passengers. One of the rules is that passengers must not sing or play loud music that may disturb other passengers or interfere with broadcast announcements.

By singing, Anderson was in violation of this rule, according to the statement. The rule violation led to the guard asking her to stop. The statement continues, stating that the guard did not attempt to physically escort her from the train until she refused to follow his directions.

As discussed by WSVN, Anderson contacted authorities to report the incident. She and her son are reportedly in the process of contacting an attorney about filing a lawsuit. The elderly woman was kicked off the train but has not lost her spirit or her love for gospel music.