Joe Biden: Some Illegal Immigrants ‘Become Americans Before A Lot Of Americans Become Americans’

Sean RayfordGetty Images

Former vice president Joe Biden, who also happens to still maintain front-runner status in virtually all political polls that matter, probably left a lot of people with puzzled looks on their faces after a remark he made during a campaign stop in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

When asked how he would run the facilities on the southern U.S. border that hold undocumented migrants if he were president, Biden focused on undocumented children, according to Fox News.

“We have to find a pathway for Dreamers,” Biden said. “These kids who come — and they end up doing well. They become Americans before a lot of Americans become Americans,” he explained to the audience.

Biden then doubled down on his statement in what appeared to be an attempt to explain what he had just told the crowd.

“No, I’m serious,” he continued. “They get [into] school. They do well. They contribute to the community. They contribute to the country. So No. 1, we legalize the Dreamers.”

The issue with such a statement is the fact that it’s not possible for an illegal immigrant to become a U.S. citizen before an actual U.S. citizen.

As he continued to elaborate, he slipped up and pledged to send an “amendment” to the Senate and the House of Representatives for them to find a pathway for citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants. He attempted to correct his error in the same statement, referring to it as a “bill” after the slip-up.

The former vice president then pointed to the Statue Of Liberty as his reason behind the immigration policies he’s proposing.

“What’s that Statue of Liberty all about? It’s about asylum,” he said. “And the idea that — I would be surging asylum judges to the border, to make sure these people had hearings,” Biden said.

Biden, who has been criticized for a mounting list of gaffes, was recently called out by the Washington Post for a number of errors he made while recounting the story of traveling to Afghanistan to honor a U.S. Navy captain for his heroism on the battlefield, according to Fox News.

Unfortunately for Biden, the Washington Post consulted with over a dozen sources, including military personnel and campaign officials, and came to the conclusion that Biden’s story “never happened.” Doubling down, they added that “almost every detail in the story appears to be incorrect.”

Last weekend, Biden was slammed for making a statement of how beautiful the state of Vermont is while in reality, he was speaking in New Hampshire.

President Donald Trump has also continued to seize on Biden’s growing gaffe count, asking in a tweet from earlier this month if Biden was “mentally fit” to be the United States president.