Turtle Beach Ear Force Gaming Headsets Hands-On: CES 2010

Turtle Beach are showing off their full line of Ear Force Gaming Headsets at CES 2010 and the sound quality and comfort found on the units impressed me from the moment I listened to some first person shooter action and watched a scene from the Matrix movie series.

I like a nice cushion friendly headset when playing games and the first unit I tried out, the XLC for Xbox 360, didn’t disappoint, not only was it ultra plush on my ears, it provided vivid sound that canceled out the people around me. The unit was also ultra light with multi-pivot capabilities and a nice tucked away folding design. The XLC is pictured above with the included built in microphone for gameplay chats and a bendable design which can be curved as the user sees fit.

I also checked out the PlayStation headset, P21, which provided amplified game audio for PS3 players with a handy microphone for gameplay banter, although I did experience some feedback in my own voice, even with the volume turned down slightly. This headset also features bass boost, Chat Boost and premium stereo sounds which sounded great while watching a clip from the Maxtrix movie series.

Turtle Beach P21 Playstation Gaming Headset

The P21 also comes with a controller for quick volume adjustments, the ability to mute the system and for amplifying sound, it also features a clip so it doesn’t have to dangle if you choose to secure it.

Turtle Beach also showed off their X31, X41, X1, Z1 and HPA2 systems on the CES floor, but I only had the opportunity to try out the two shown above due to a high demand to try out the headphones. Overall nice audio, comfortable designs and decent microphones.