The Simpsons Go Film Noir In New Couch Gag

The Simpsons

The Simpsons are known for being one of the first animated shows to play on pop culture. Now that its a staple for shows that follow in The Simpsons footsteps, it looks like the couch is getting a new makeover again. The Simpsons are doing their own take on film noir.

According to Screen Crush, the latest couch gag will be featured in the episode of “Black Eyed, Please” which will feature each member of The Simpsons clan drawn in a rich film noir style. In addition to the film noir look, SNL star and NBC’s go-to-girl Tina Fey will make her debut on Sunday’s new episode.

TVLine has the first look at the moody, film noir couch and it looks quite terrific and visually amazing, which is something that animator Bill Plymption has been doing for The Simpsons for years. According to the synopsis of the episode “Black Eyed, Please” it will feature Tina Fey as a substitute teacher who winds up bullying nerdy sax player Lisa, while famed evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins will appear as himself, when perfect neighbor Ned Flanders begins to resent his parents and prefers Homer’s good company over his own.
In more Simpsons news, 20th Century Fox has decided to expand on the television series with a Lego tie in. It was announced earlier today that the longest running scripted show in U.S. history will be turning into Legos! Spokesperson Jan Christiansen said of the Lego possibilities for The Simpsons, “We are continuously looking into new collaboration possibilities.”

According to Wall Street Journal, the move to have The Simpsons turn into a Lego toy may be profitable for a renewed viewership, ” The Simpsons, Lego would seek to appeal to children and adults alike. Since 1989, more than 500 episodes of the parody about an American middle class family have aired, and the franchise has for decades been a popular brand for companies looking to cash in on everything from Bart Simpson T-shirts to dolls of the five family members.”

Simpsons noir

Are you excited for the noir episode of The Simpsons? How about the Lego partnership?