August 31, 2019
Vanessa Hudgens Works Hips In Dance Video & Breaks 1 Million Views In Four Hours

Another day, another one of Vanessa Hudgens' posts has broken Instagram.

It was less than five hours ago that the former High School Musical star posted a video of herself working her hips and the rest of her tiny frame to techno music.

Initially, she enters the frame with her elbows bent and her hands moving up and down as if she's going to do a robot dance to match the music playing in the background.

The 30-year-old singer and actress looked incredible as she rocked a ruffled short white skirt and a black tank top that showcased just a glimpse of her toned tummy. The snug top also highlighted her petite, perky bosom.

Vanessa glowed during the entire dance video as she flashed her pearly white teeth in a grin that was so huge it looked like her cheeks might pop.

After turning to face the camera, Vanessa opted for another classic dance move as she demonstrated her ability to do what's referred to as the bees knees.

Toward the end of the catchy dance clip, the actress threw both of her hands behind her head and mouthed what may have been the lyrics to the song as she worked her hips for the camera.

Clearly enjoying herself, she continued to dance and smile as she walked toward the camera to end the recording.

The silly dance video appeared to be taken in her living room as there was a coffee table with an assortment of items sitting on it behind her as well as her pup Darla sitting on the couch watching her owner dance.

Vanessa even jested in the caption of the Instagram post that her pup was "unamused" by her dancing skills before wishing her massive social media following a happy weekend.

As The Inquisitr reported just a few days ago, Vanessa has been making a habit of setting Instagram on fire as of late. Her selfie, which broke a million likes within 10 hours of being published, tapered off at 1.3 million views as many agreed she looked like Cleopatra.

Possibly even more popular than her stunning selfie, Vanessa's video has also broken one million views in half the time. Unsurprisingly, the video has also accumulated over 2,000 comments as her 35.3 million followers obsess over her dance moves.

A few of her followers gushed over how much she still looked like a teenager despite being in her 30s.

"Adorable" and "cute" were some of the single word compliments her followers penned in the comments.

A few even begged her to consider uploading a similar video every week.