Andrew Yang Says Donald Trump Isn't Mentioning Him 'Because He Knows It's The Wrong Move'

During a recent interview with KRON4 News — partially available on Twitter — Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang revealed why he believes that Donald Trump has yet to address the continued rise of his presidential campaign.

"Well, the president hasn't mentioned me because he knows it's the wrong move," he said. "I'm better at the internet than he is. And if he were to tweet about me or whatnot, it would be a massive win for me and the campaign. So he knows when someone's not someone he wants to mess with."

Per RealClearPolitics, Yang recently jumped to sixth place in the polls with an average of 2.5 percent support. He overtook Cory Booker and Beto O'Rourke — both of whom trail him with 2.4 percent support.

In a July Economist/YouGov poll, both Yang and Bernie Sanders were the only two Democratic candidates to draw double-digit support from Trump voters. Per The Inquisitr, Yang believes the reason he is drawing such voters is that he's addressing issues of working-class people, who he believes are increasingly left behind by the current Democratic Party.

The focus on helping the struggling working class was a significant focus of Trump's successful 2016 presidential campaign. While Yang also focuses on the working class and people being pushed to the sidelines of the economy, he believes that automation — not immigrants — is the reason for this shifting society. His signature proposal is a universal basic income (UBI) of $1,000 per month for every American, paid for in part by taxing big tech companies like Amazon and Google.

During an NPR interview, the 44-year-old serial entrepreneur said he is baffled that other Democratic candidates aren't focusing on the problems he is. He claims that when he was younger, the Democratic Party represented the "little guy or gal."
"And, to me, who are the little guys and gals in our economy today? It is the retail clerk, the fast food worker, the truck driver, the call center worker. The people who feel like their futures are being pushed more and more to the side."
Per ABC News, Yang is set to take the debate stage September 12, which marks his third appearance. He will take the stage alongside Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Julian Castro, Sanders, Booker, and O'Rourke.

Yang's performance during the second debate was well-received. In particular, his closing statement addressing the "reality TV" nature of the debates made headlines, and The Inquisitr reported that he appears to have gotten inspiration for the line from his Reddit "Ask Me Anything."