Andrew Yang Slams CNN After Network Snubs His Poll Results In On-Screen Graphic

Alex WongGetty Images

Andrew Yang, an entrepreneur and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful who has emerged from being virtually unknown to having a cult following called the “Yang Gang,” has recently demonstrated in the polls that his campaign has some real juice.

It would behoove his fellow Democratic opponents to pay attention to the up-and-comer, given the fact that he’s making measurable progress, and the same can be said to cable news networks.

But for whatever reason, CNN snubbed the rising star in a recent on-air discussion, and it left Yang and his campaign scratching their heads.

Yang and his team are crying foul at the network’s coverage — or more accurately, the lack thereof — of his emerging presidential campaign, according to The Hill.

During a discussion of several primary candidates, CNN aired a graphic on Thursday, which displayed the results of a recent Quinnipiac University Poll. For yet-to-be-explained reasons, CNN failed to mention Yang’s name or display it onscreen.

However, the network did show former Texas lawmaker Beto O’Rourke’s name, even though he is decidedly behind Yang in the poll they were referencing. In the actual poll results, Yang was at 3 percent and O’Rourke was at 1 percent.

To be fair, CNN didn’t specifically claim that the six candidates they listed were the Top 6 of the poll, though the network didn’t immediately clarify the situation to The Hill when they requested comment on the matter.

In an email sent to his supporters on Thursday, Yang took a jab at the network for their “confusing” and “odd” coverage.

“I’ll admit I’ve never been a politician before, but the treatment of our rising national poll results has been odd and confusing,” Yang wrote.

Yang apparently turned his focus to using the snub to help bolster his political war chest. Yang’s campaign sent out a fundraising email blast to his supporters, which in part asked them to “force the networks and everyone in the media to pay attention and increase coverage of our campaign.”

“The trend of this campaign is already very positive — think where we could be if we received the same level of coverage as folks like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden,” Yang said.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Yang received welcome news early Wednesday morning when it was confirmed that he met the criteria to appear on the debate stage for the third round of debates in September, which will take place in Houston, Texas.

He will face off against nine other Democratic opponents in an event that — because of the number of candidates who qualified — will take place during a single night.