Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin Makes His Wishes Known And Sasha’s Worried She’s Terminal

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Cassandra’s antics have everybody in Port Charles scrambling and General Hospital spoilers note that there’s more on the way with Thursday’s episode. Nina wants to see Cassandra dead as a result of what she’s done to Sasha and it looks as if Valentin may try to make that happen. At the same time, Sasha continues to fight for survival and it’s not clear yet whether she’ll win this battle.

During Wednesday’s show, Valentin approached Curtis to talk to him about a job of sorts. The sneak peek for Thursday’s episode revealed a bit more about what Valentin has in mind. As SheKnows Soaps notes, Valentin will be willing to offer Curtis a great deal of money to complete this request and Curtis will surely struggle to walk away from this.

Valentin wants to find Cassandra and he thinks Curtis is the right man for the job. Valentin is so anxious to make this happen that he is willing to pay Curtis a whopping $5 million.

He made it clear that once Curtis finds Cassandra, he’s then supposed to let Valentin know her whereabouts and walk away. Curtis won’t be able to miss what Valentin is saying between the lines here.

Jordan is about to return to work and Curtis has been making good money while juggling his work for Jax, Aurora, and Valentin. They are still struggling to cover all of Jordan’s medical bills, and that windfall from Valentin would obviously come in handy. Soap Central suggests that Curtis may take some time to consider this proposal, but it seems unlikely he’ll ultimately accept the offer.

General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for the August 29 show also tease that Sasha will worriedly ask Finn about her prognosis. She’ll ask if she’s terminal, and sadly, Finn probably can’t necessarily say much to reassure her at this point.

Will Sasha die as a result of Cassandra’s misdeeds? The answer to that isn’t known yet, but there might be a reason to worry. As The Inquisitr recently noted, actress Sofia Mattsson is currently spending time vacationing in Italy rather than filming on the General Hospital set.

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That might generate some speculation that Sasha’s days are numbered. At the same time, Mattsson’s IMDb page suggests she’s sticking around.

The actress is currently credited as being in episodes of General Hospital airing on both September 6 and September 16. Looking at those future episode credits may not be entirely reliable, but it does suggest that Sasha may manage to beat this illness.

The show has a track record of killing off Michael’s girlfriends, so doing that yet again might generate some fan blowback. There’s also the whole secret about Sasha not being Nina’s biological daughter that needs to be exposed. Viewers would probably think that this reveal will carry more weight if Sasha has to personally face Nina, Michael, and others as her lies become known.

Additional General Hospital spoilers about the twists and turns ahead will emerge soon and everybody will be curious to see what the writers have planned.