‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Valentin Rants At Obrecht & Michael’s Curious As Nina Watches Over Sasha

There’s a new sneak peek out filled with General Hospital spoilers for the week of August 26 and teasers suggest that a lot of Port Charles residents will be scrambling as Sasha’s illness intensifies. Cassandra’s involvement is about to be revealed, but Sasha’s condition may be more serious than anybody had previously realized.

The new preview was posted to the show’s Twitter account Monday morning. As The Inquisitr previously noted, Finn will learn that Sasha’s illness is an intense variation of the bird flu. General Hospital spoilers detail that Sasha will ask Finn about her chances for recovery, and he’ll admit that they are now in unchartered territory.

Nina will be beside herself with worry, staying right by Sasha’s side every minute she can. General Hospital spoilers suggest that this will have everybody worried, and it’ll lead to an intense conversation between Valentin and Obrecht.

Obrecht knows that Sasha isn’t really Nina’s biological daughter. She has been holding this over Valentin’s head for a while now, and so far, he has managed to convince her to maintain this secret. Now, this situation will prompt a new conversation about the truth behind Sasha’s connection to Nina, and it looks as if Valentin will be quite anxious and desperate.

Valentin will angrily note that Nina will be crushed if Sasha dies. In a sense, Sasha dying could work in Valentin’s favor. However, it appears that he’ll be anxious to prevent Nina from experiencing that level of heartbreak.

He orchestrated this ruse with Sasha, and he’s been desperate to keep the truth from emerging. If Sasha died, it’d probably prompt Nina to be all the more reliant on Valentin. However, the tone in Valentin’s voice suggests that he wants Sasha to live.

Viewers will have to stay tuned to see what more develops during this conversation between Valentin and Obrecht. The sneak peek shows Michael looking curious, almost as if he overhears part of this conversation. It may not be that Michael hears Valentin and Obrecht talking, but General Hospital spoilers hint that he may become suspicious about some of the aspects of this situation and do some independent digging.

Cassandra will text a photo to Nina this week that reveals her involvement in causing Sasha’s illness and this will spark an intense reaction. In addition, General Hospital spoilers previously noted by The Inquisitr reveal that this situation will cause some strife between Hayden and Jax. They are on a mission to take down Valentin, but Jax is falling for Nina and Hayden won’t be happy to see him softening.

According to SheKnows Soaps, viewers will see this Sasha-related escapade intensify throughout the week. General Hospital spoilers tease that Sasha’s condition may remain grave next week, as Epiphany will have grim news to pass along and Nina will be overwhelmed.

Could Sasha die from this Cassandra-induced illness? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed the scoop on that front yet. However, actress Sofia Mattsson, who portrays Sasha, happens to be vacationing in Italy right now. Some fans might interpret that as a potentially bad sign for her character, especially since the cast just recently returned from a three-week hiatus.

People are hopeful that this illness of Sasha’s will lead to significant developments in relation to multiple storylines. It seems like it certainly could lead to the revelation that Sasha is not Nina’s real daughter, and it could provide answers regarding Jax and Hayden’s secret plan. The Cassandra mystery has been lingering for months now, and General Hospital spoilers hint that this could all mesh together in some interesting ways over the coming days.

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