Kate Upton’s Doppelganger Speaks

Kate Upton twin

Remember the story about Kate Upton’s doppelganger? Someone got a hold of her and asked her a few questions about the cleavage-heavy photo that got her a ton of unwanted attention.

The story went that this Russian girl named Ania tweeted a photo of herself mimicking Kate Upton’s famous Sports Illustrated cover shot. You know. The one with the winter coats. And the boobs.

Anyway, the photo actually caught the attention of Kate Upton herself, who retweeted it to her 800,000 followers. After that, a ton of people who suddenly realized that they’ll never have a shot with Kate Upton, but might have one with her not-famous full-body doppelganger, started following Ania on Twitter and sending her romantic propositions.

Her Twitter describes her as a “mail order bride in training,” which some folks apparently took very seriously.

Anyway, SwimDaily tracked Ania down for a quick Q&A. Turns out, she’s just a normal 22-year-old student who happens to look exactly like Kate Upton (less in the face, more in the … well, you know). Ania wasn’t looking for fame or Internet proposals … She just saw the 2013 Sports Illustrated issue featuring the lovely Ms. Upton and realized, “Hey, I have that exact same coat in my closet.”

“I’ve been told I look like her in the past, but when the SI issue came out and she was wearing the same jacket that is hanging in my closet, I knew it had to be done.”

Ania admits that she was surprised by all of the attention she’s gotten, and that she “didn’t think anyone except my friends would ever see it.” She also said that it took her a few minutes to realize what had happened and why she went from 78 followers to 2,600.

Additionally, Ania has been a Kate Upton fan for some time.

“I’ve been a fan for a while; it’s relieving to see someone challenge the stereotype of rail-thin models,” she said.

Here’s a picture of Ania. What do you think? Does she still look like Kate Upton’s doppelganger?