‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Caelynn Miller-Keyes Gets A Bombshell Birthday Shocker From Beau Dean Unglert

Craig SjodinABC

The latest Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that things are about to take a dramatic turn in the relationship that has been developing between Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert. The show airing on Tuesday night shows a continuation of Caelynn’s birthday celebration, but the buzz is that it will end in a way she didn’t expect.

A new sneak peek shared by E! News reveals that Dean’s efforts to make Caelynn’s birthday special while they’re in paradise will have left her feeling tickled pink. Miller-Keyes will be thrilled that he orchestrated having the cast sing to her and got a cake for her, and she’ll insist that their relationship has real potential despite the warnings she’s been given about his reputation.

“He really has grown, and I can see that. We talk about serious things, we talk about kids, we talk about what we want in a partner, in a future, in a life and all that.”

Caelynn obviously is excited about their relationship and where she sees it heading. Unfortunately, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detail that she is about to be blindsided.

Seemingly right away as Tuesday night’s episode begins, viewers will watch as Dean pulls Caelynn off to the beach for some one-on-one time. The other cast members will wonder whether this is for a good surprise or something disappointing, and Kristina Schulman is heard admitting that her gut tells her this is something bad for Caelynn.

According to spoilers from Reality Steve, Kristina’s gut instinct is right. Dean reportedly tells Caelynn that he doesn’t see their relationship developing beyond filming and he has decided to leave. Caelynn stays and as fans would probably anticipate, she is said to be despondent over this.

However, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that this will not be the end of Caelynn and Dean’s love story. As The Inquisitr previously shared, Dean is said to come back toward the end of filming.

Dean apparently tells Caelynn that he realized that he does want to be with her back in the real world. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that she quits the show at that point and they leave together. The two are said to still be dating now, although the buzz is that it has been a rocky road at times.

Can Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert really make a real-world romance last? A reunion show is said to be taping soon and additional Bachelor in Paradise spoilers about the state of this relationship should emerge after that. Fans may see this as a somewhat unlikely relationship, but so far, Caelynn and Dean seem to still be hitting it off and making it work.