Dean Unglert Shakes Up ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ & Spoilers Tease He Captures Caelynn Miller-Keyes’ Heart

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that show veteran and former player Dean Unglert will be showing up during Tuesday’s episode and his presence will make some waves. This is the season of exes awkwardly facing one another again, and that will be the case with Dean too. However, teasers suggest that he will have his eye on someone else and fans will be anxious to know where things stand for this pair now.

Viewers may remember that during a previous season of Bachelor in Paradise, Dean found himself in hot water as he tried to juggle dating Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard at the same time. This juggling seemingly continued after the fourth season wrapped and now he’ll be back on the beach with Kristina.

While previews show that Kristina and Dean will talk during Tuesday’s episode, there’s no reunion on the horizon here. Instead, spoiler king Reality Steve details that Unglert will take Caelynn Miller-Keyes out with the date card he receives and it seems that the sparks will fly.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, it won’t be an entirely smooth road for Dean and Caelynn as this relationship develops. In fact, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that Dean will actually decide to quit and head home within the next two or three episodes, although he gives Caelynn his rose before he departs.

Not long after that, however, Dean returns. This will happen shortly before the final couples decide their fate and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers share that Unglert tells Miller-Keyes that he wants to give their romance a shot. She is said to quit the show at that point and the two leave together.

What has happened with Dean and Caelynn since then? The two are currently staying mum regarding their status. However, The Inquisitr shared about a month ago that Unglert and Miller-Keyes were spotted traveling in Europe at the same time and fans ended up snapping some photos of them together.

Fans who have been following Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for Season 6 surely took notice last week when Dean spoke out to defend Caelynn as all of her Blake-related chaos generated buzz. According to E! Online, Dean and Caelynn are still currently dating.

However, it seems the two are navigating some difficult moments right now. Apparently, all of this drama related to Caelynn and Blake’s former fling, and the public fallout, has taken a toll on Miller-Keyes’ romance with Unglert.

“This Blake situation has put [a] huge amount of stress on their relationship. Things are very tense between them. Caelynn is having a really hard time with it. They are hopeful things will blow over and they can get bck to where they were before the texts were exposed.”

Can Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes make a real go of a romance in the real world? This Bachelor in Paradise couple do seemingly face a fair number of obstacles in their relationship right now, but fans will be interested to see how long this lasts. A reunion show is said to be filming soon and there will surely be updates coming on Dean and Caelynn’s status at that time.

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