‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Fans React To Tahzjuan Hawkins’ Epic Meltdown Over John Paul Jones

Rick RowellABC

Bachelor in Paradise just said goodbye to another short-lived cast member, but this one rocked the beach like a hurricane during her short stay on the ABC reality show.

When Tahzjuan Hawkins — a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor for “two seconds” — showed up in paradise, most of the other cast members had no idea who she was. But Tahzjuan marked her turf very quickly, giving a date card to the John Paul Jones despite the fact that he was thick into his feelings for Tayshia Adams.

Upon her arrival in the paradise digs in Mexico — which, incidentally, took her four plane rides to get to — Tahzjuan announced that she planned to step on any toes needed to get the guys she wanted to date. She also complained about the heat in Mexico as her sweat glands were working overdrive.

Indeed, perhaps it was the heat that caused her meltdown — or not.

After setting her sights on John Paul Jones, Tahzjuan enjoyed a faux dinner and skinnydipping date with him. Yet, when newcomer Haley Ferguson showed up the next day and asked JPJ on another date, Tahzjuan lost it. Not only did Tahzjuan call Haley a “pigeon,” but she later threatened to spit in her wine, according to E! News.

Tahzjian spiraled as she watched all the romances forming around her while she sat alone with a melting margarita and complained about the heat and her lonely predicament. After nearly passing out, she asked for guacamole in lieu of Gatorade.

Bachelor in Paradise fans definitely have a love-hate relationship with Tahzjuan, as can be seen by the social media reaction below.

Bachelor in Paradise fans definitely saw the unraveled side of Tahzjuan, but away from reality TV cameras — and that Mexican heat — she seems to have it together. Hollywood Life notes that Tahzjuan has worked as a Program Specialist at Lyft and was previously a Business Development Associate for Driver Growth. In addition, she’s working on her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management at Colorado State University after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2015. She also has two dogs.

While Tahzjuan made for some great Bachelor in Paradise moments, her goodbye was anticlimactic. JPJ ultimately gave his rose to Haley, and Tahzjuan Hawkins exited the beach in Mexico with little fanfare. But there’s always the reunion.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.