Andy Ngo Captured On Video With Patriot Prayer As They Reportedly Plan Attack On Antifa

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who The Inquisitr reported claims to have suffered a brain injury following a confrontation with Antifa last month during a Portland, Oregon rally, was captured on video with Patriot Prayer as they appear to plan an attack on the militant anti-fascist group. Per The Daily Dot, the attack reportedly came as Antifa members were having a May Day celebration, although Ngo blamed the attack on Antifa as he covered the event on Twitter.

“This clip, shot right before Patriot Prayer arrived at [the bar] Cider Riot on May Day, is the clearest evidence I’ve seen supporting the claim that PP … were intent on instigating a fight that afternoon,” tweeted Portland-based journalist Alex Zielinski, who posted the video.

She claims the video is part of court documents in an ongoing lawsuit between the bar and Patriot Prayer.

Ngo is a conservative photojournalist who covers Antifa and shines a spotlight on incidents of the group committing violence. His injuries at the hands of the group last month landed him on many cable news stations and gave ammunition for people who are calling for the group to be labeled a terrorist organization — as Donald Trump wants to do, per The Inquisitr.

Regardless, the new video appears to negate Ngo’s claims that Antifa instigated the May Day clash and shines a light on his questionable methods, which have been the focus of criticism in the past.

According to author Arun Gupta, Ngo is a grifter, and the “most dangerous” one in America, at that.

“He uses social media to push biased opinions in conjunction with selectively edited videos that play to the bigotry of his audience,” Gupta wrote in a piece for Jacobin Magazine. “His followers get worked up, and this is often followed by a deluge of threats against his subject.”

Gupta reports on six people in Portland who described harassment and threats of violence stemming from Ngo’s work — an effect that Ngo appears to rely on to create his narratives. As Gupta highlights, Ngo often writes about activists who won’t talk to him or remove their profiles after he shines a spotlight on him. Although Ngo appears to be suggesting they have something to hide, Gupta suggests that isn’t likely the case.

“What he doesn’t mention is many say they are doing so to avoid harassment and threats of violence.”

According to Shane Burley, author of Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It, Ngo is successfully profiting from the far-right media landscape by creating victimization narratives of conservatism. With his footage and Twitter narratives, he creates stories about the “embattled American man” “under siege” from immigrants, trans children, anchor babies, and dangerous colleges campuses — all enemies out to destroy U.S. lives and values.

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