Conservative Journalist Andy Ngo Says He Has A Brain Injury Following A Confrontation With Antifa

A conservative journalist who claims he was injured in an attack led by anti-fascist organization Antifa said Thursday that he suffered a brain injury as a result of the confrontation, The Hill reported.

Andy Ngo said he suffered the brain injury while attending a protest in Portland, Oregon, in June. Ngo is a sub-editor and photojournalist at Quillette, per the outlet’s website.

“Quillette is a platform for free thought,” an about page on its website says. “We respect ideas, even dangerous ones. We also believe that free expression and the free exchange of ideas help human societies flourish and progress.”

Ngo said his assault occurred after he was attacked by members of Antifa, who were protesting a march being held in the city by the Proud Boys, a far-right organization, per The Hill.

“The cuts and bruising on my face have mostly healed,” Ngo said. “The most serious injury to me was my brain in the course of the mob beating, so going forward I will be having various forms of neurophysical therapy and speech therapy to address some of the neurological challenges that I’ll be having.”

The Proud Boys march occurred during gay Pride month and was met with protestors who wielded gay Pride flags, while the Proud Boys waved banners supporting President Donald Trump, per HuffPost.

According to the report, which was published immediately following the altercation, police reported several injuries as projectiles were thrown during a fight between the two organization, with some reporting that “milkshakes” were chucked by protesters at Proud Boys members.

The Portland Police Bureau said it made three arrests in connection with the June altercation, per The Hill. Still, Ngo told The Hill that he believes that Portland police should do more to bring his alleged attackers to justice.

According to Fox News, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler distanced himself from Antifa following claims by the city’s police association president that he hindered their ability to stop the attack.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas called for a federal investigation into whether Wheeler and his actions led to the attack that Cruz called domestic terrorism, per Fox News.

Wheeler said that he thought that Cruz’s comments were “beneath a United States Senator,” Fox News reported, adding that he was out of the country with his family when the June altercation occurred. As part of his role as Portland’s mayor, Wheeler also acts as the police commissioner for the city.

According to a Fox News report Tuesday, Cruz and Republican colleague Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana planned to introduce legislation that would designate Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

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