WWE News: For Some Reason, Superstar Has His Name Changed Back To Original Name

It's really hard to figure out why this would possibly happen.

Erick Rowan prepares to deliver some damage in WWE.

It's really hard to figure out why this would possibly happen.

When a wrestler joins WWE and becomes one of its superstars, they may end up having their name changed to something entirely different. This is usually done so that Vince McMahon can have copyright over that name in the future and for the superstar to begin their next wrestling journey. One current SmackDown Live superstar actually saw his name changed a couple of years ago, but now, he’s gone back in time and had his first name restored.

Usually, a superstar will have their name changed before appearing on WWE’s main roster. It will happen upon being signed or even during their time in NXT, but that gives them time to get used to it before arriving on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown.

There are times, though, that main roster superstars have their names tweaked a little bit with a last name added or even taken away entirely. It has been done with Big E, Andrade, Cesaro, and a host of others over the years, and it’s always been quite weird.

Back in 2017, longtime tag team Erick Rowan and Luke Harper received a new team name of the Bludgeon Brothers. It was at that same time that both of them also lost their first names and were referred to as only Rowan and Harper.

In a bit of a strange and quiet move, WWE has now actually returned Rowan’s first name to him and no one understands why.

When looking at the official WWE website, the superstar page for Rowan has made things official. His first name has returned. It appears as if he’s going by the ring name of “Erick Rowan” once again.


It’s really hard to think that this is a mistake of some kind, as the bio paragraphs on his superstar page constantly refer to him as “Erick Rowan.”

If you were to head to Luke Harper’s page and check out his name, he’s still listed as just “Harper” and shown in his Bludgeon Brothers’ outfit. Harper hasn’t been seen on WWE television in months and rumor has it that he may never work for them again.

Erick Rowan has been partnered with Daniel Bryan on SmackDown Live and even held the blue brand’s tag team titles for a while. This is very much a strange move by WWE and one that comes out of nowhere, but it will likely never get much attention on television or by announcers. Either way, it probably won’t change his storyline or anything else, but he does now have a first name once again.