'Star Wars' Rumors: Jabba The Hutt's Crime Family Set For 'Episode VII – The Force Awakens' And Spinoff?

One of the funnest villains in Star Wars lore might see some sort of representation in the next Star Wars trilogy, as a recent rumor claims that the Hutts will indeed be making an appearance in The Force Awakens.

Star Wars fans, and even those only passingly acquainted with the sci-fantasy classic, will no doubt remember Jabba the Hutt, the slug-like crime boss that Han Solo and crew ran afoul of in the original Star Wars trilogy. Jabba the Hutt was one of the more visually striking elements of the Star Wars universe, and it looks like J.J. Abrams and crew aren't going to leave the Hutts on the sidelines for Episode VII.

A recent report from Latino-Review claims that Abrams had a number of Hutt puppets built on set for The Force Awakens. It's not a ton to go on, as far as Star Wars rumors go, but it seems quite a bit more likely than some other rumors. That's because of its insistence that the Hutts that will appear in Episode VII are said to have been practically built; that is: they won't be computer generated. Since production began, Abrams has been touting The Force Awakens' reliance on practical effects, which observers expect will give Episode VII a more realistic look than was seen in the most recent Star Wars trilogy.

Just what will those Hutts be up to? It's hard to know for certain, but there have been reports of concept art for The Force Awakens that showed Princess Leia meeting with the Hutts. That would make for a tense meeting, perhaps, since Leia choked the last head Hutt on Tatooine to death with a chain.

It's also possible that the Hutts appearing in Episode VII could reappear in next year's Star Wars spinoff. That movie is only just now beginning to shape up, with reports that Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany has been cast in a lead role, and there is no confirmation on the film's genre or time period. Still, Wookieepedia says that Hutts have a life span of 1,000 years, so the spinoffs could be separated from The Force Awakens by hundreds of years and still have a Hutt or two in common.

As we get closer to the film's December release date, we're likely to learn more and more about the particulars of The Force Awakens, including whether or not any Hutts pop up. Whether that's through new trailers – the smart money is on a full trailer appearing this May alongside Avengers: Age of Ultron – or through continued leaks is unclear, but you'll definitely know a Hutt when you see one on screen.