New Jersey Cop Punches Woman In Face Outside Club Envy [Video]

cop punches woman outside club envy

Elizabeth, New Jersey — A uniformed police officer appeared to punch a woman in the face in a brawl that took place outside of the Club Envy nightspot.

In the melee that took place (see cellphone video that is in the process of going viral), it seems that no one was in an “enviable” position.

In the footage, the officer first takes down a male and then appears to unload on a woman with a punch. As the New York Daily News explains, “[the video] shows the officer going to arrest a man, but then smashing his fist into the face of a woman who tries to intervene.”

The Elizabeth Police Department is conducting an investigation into whether the officer acted appropriately under the circumstances or police brutality or perhaps some form of police misconduct may have at all been an issue in the scuffle.

According to the New Jersey Star-Ledger, the Elizabeth police officer in the video remains on active duty while the investigation goes forward.

The Star-Ledger apparently also obtained some information from Club Envy about the incident:

“A man claiming to be the owner of Club Envy said the incident did not occur inside the club, but rather between an alley and a bank across the street. He did not know the officer or the woman in the video, and said it was unclear if the people involved in the melee were ever inside his club. There is a similar establishment down the street, according to the owner who asked not to be identified.”

Club Envy’s website indicates that it is “the best nightclub in New Jersey” and “one of the largest, most sought after nightspots on the East Coast.”

Watch the cell phone video of the cop punching a woman apparently outside of Club Envy in Elizabeth, New Jersey: