WWE News: Legend Shares His Thoughts On All Elite Wrestling Potentially Overtaking WWE


Everyone in the wrestling industry has thoughts on All Elite Wrestling. Most of the discussion surrounding the new upstart company pertains to its ability to compete with WWE, which has incited some interesting debates among fans and experts.

The emergence of AEW is arguably the biggest thing to happen to pro wrestling since WWE bought WCW and ECW in 2001. And with a weekly two-hour show set to air on TNT this fall, it will be the first wrestling company in years to receive a weekly show on such a major network.

The potential to compete with Vince McMahon’s company is there, but according to WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, AEW will always be “number two” as long as WWE is around.

As noted by WrestleTalk, the Olympic gold medalist took to Facebook for a Q&A session with fans. The topic of WWE’s newest rivals came up, and he had some veteran insight to share with his followers.

“WWE is way too big and has way too many years behind them for a new company to step in and take over the top spot. I recall when TNA tried to compete against WWE on Monday nights. I told the TNA office that we will never beat WWE. I told them we should realize that we’re #2 and should be happy with it. AEW has a tough road. Can they succeed? Yes. Will they beat WWE in ratings and arena ticket sales? No.”

Judging by the Hall of Famer’s comments, he’s not too concerned about Tony Khan’s company dethroning Vince McMahon’s empire. He’s right in saying that WWE having years behind them as an established entity means that the new company is unlikely to take the top spot for the time being.

There’s a hunger out there among wrestling fans for an alternative to WWE at the moment, and now is the perfect time to launch a mainstream promotion that’s designed to appeal to fans who aren’t too fond of the WWE product.

Angle also notes that AEW can co-exist alongside WWE and be successful in its own right. Recent developments within WWE, however, suggest that McMahon’s powerhouse wants to crush his competition’s momentum from the beginning, though.

Earlier this week, WWE finally confirmed that the NXT weekly show will be moving to the USA Network for a two-hour show on Wednesday nights. This means that WWE programming will go head-to-head with AEW’s weekly show in a bid to steal viewers from the newcomer.

If AEW is out to topple WWE, beating NXT in the weekly ratings is a good way to show they mean business.