Prince Harry Is ‘Not Thrilled’ With Meghan Markle’s Spending Habits, Sources Say

The royalty of centuries ago were known for their lavish and decadent lifestyles. But that precedent has largely been eschewed in modern times, and it is presently frowned upon for royals to rack up large spending charges. Accordingly, sources are telling Page Six that Prince Harry is reportedly “not thrilled” with his wife Meghan Markle’s spending habits.

“Harry’s not thrilled with her lavish spending on designer clothes,” a source said, adding that Meghan is allegedly not well-liked in royal circles due to her ability to create “drama.”

“His onetime drama queen missus creates drama. Wanted to give birth at home, not in the as-always assigned hospital. No immediate photos of baby Archie as is palace routine. Not cutesy cozy with others of Buckingham’s high-class upper class,” the source added.

“Used to spotlight, the wife’s not doing great playing a main attraction at the palace.”

The secrecy surrounding baby Archie’s birth has become a PR headache for the Sussex squad, as much of the public is angered by the move after their taxpayer dollars paid for a nearly $3 million renovation to Frogmore Cottage.

Similarly, insiders raised their eyebrows when Harry and Meghan missed the wedding of Sophie Carter, who is both reportedly a good friend of Harry as well as being extremely close to the royals (via her). Instead, the two decided to go to the star-studded opening of Soho House in Amsterdam.

“Stories keep coming. Like disliked is the new wife… Like his old-time, longtime buds do not adore Meghan,” the insider continued.

In fact, the rumored feud between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William reportedly stemmed from William and Kate not being supportive enough of Harry’s relationship with the former Suits star. The rift has become so bad that Harry and William will likely not be staying under the same roof at Balmoral to avoid “family fireworks,” per Vanity Fair.

Similarly, when Prince Harry’s longtime best friend Tom “Skippy” Inskip suggested that Harry be cautious in his relationship with the Los Angeles native, he was purportedly frozen out and not even invited to the couple’s wedding reception (via Tattler).

The source concluded that there is real possibility to the rumors that Harry and Meghan might move to Africa to escape the harsh limelight. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, courtiers had been playing with the idea as a way to utilize the royals’ soft power, while coincidentally harnessing Harry and Meghan’s popularity.

However, though a trip to Botswana might have cemented the couple’s relationship, the source fears that this time around, it will only be a strain.

“Forgetting all the p.r. hoo-ha, the whisper is banishment to Africa — where she becomes an extra, not a leading lady — could do them in,” the insider ominously concluded.