WWE News: Rusev Fires Back At Claim That He And Lana Might Re-Sign With Company


The past few months have seen real-life WWE couple Rusev and Lana take some time off from the company, with rumors suggesting that the SmackDown Live superstars went on hiatus because of their dissatisfaction with their place on the blue brand’s card, per WrestlingNews.co. These rumors have also hinted that their contracts are set to expire later this year, but a recent tweet from ProSportsExtra‘s Brad Shepard suggested earlier this week that the couple is now expected to re-sign with WWE.

The above post was a follow-up to a tweet Shepard shared about two weeks prior, where he again cited a company source and alleged that it’s “possible” Rusev and Lana may choose to leave WWE once their contracts expire. With that in mind, Wrestling Inc. reported on Thursday that Rusev issued a response to Shepard’s newest claim, as the “Bulgarian Brute” took to Twitter and called the WWE insider out for sharing conflicting pieces of information.

“You need to make up your mind my dude,” Rusev wrote in his first tweet to Shepard on Wednesday night.

After Shepard responded that it’s his duty to report and Rusev’s duty to decide on whether to re-sign with WWE or not, the SmackDown Live star continued his Twitter tirade with a further comment.

“How can you report when you have no idea!!!!!!”

The exchange between Rusev and Shepard took place slightly more than a week after Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter replied to a Twitter user who was wondering what’s next for Rusev and Lana as their break from WWE continues. As cited by WhatCulture, Meltzer explained that the couple is “on a break” and that he isn’t sure about their future plans.

According to 411Mania, Rusev also reacted last week to a similar Twitter rumor claiming that he and Lana “aren’t sure what their next step is going to be,” as he retweeted the post and said that he indeed knows “what [his] next step is.”

Despite the popularity of the “Rusev Day” gimmick that made him one of WWE’s most popular superstars last year, Rusev and Lana haven’t had much success thus far in 2019, with the Bulgarian wrestler last appearing on television as one-half of a heel tag team with Shinsuke Nakamura. However, Nakamura has since shifted his focus back to singles competition as the reigning Intercontinental Champion and most recently formed a new villainous alliance with Sami Zayn on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, as noted by Daily DDT.