Joy-Anna Duggar Just Revealed That Her Family Has Been Living In A Camper For A Year

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Fans have questioned where Joy-Anna Duggar has been living since she married Austin Forsyth in 2017, and now they have their answer. She must have caught wind of all the inquiring minds on social media who were curious about her and her family.

The daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar took to her joint Instagram account with her husband to reveal their current living conditions. Joy is seen standing outside as she talks on how curious fans have been about her life these days. Many assumed that she and Austin had remodeled a house just for them and their 1-year-old son, Gideon, to live in. However, that is not true. The Counting On star revealed that her family is currently residing inside of an RV.

Joy-Anna first showed fans the outside of the camper. She described it as a fifth-wheel RV that is 32-feet long. She said that it’s pretty cool, and that she loves it. They have been living in the RV for about a year. The only down side, she said, is that it’s pretty small, but it fits her family “perfectly.”

She also mentioned that she and Austin are currently working on a house, but it’s not for them. They are selling it as soon as they are done remodeling. The husband and wife team love to flip houses. Austin did that before they married and he has continued on with Joy by his side.

The camper is actually pretty nice inside and fans were impressed. The 21-year-old mom shared some inside photos. It has hardwood floors, a small, but nice kitchen with white cupboards, and their own small bedroom. There was no indication as to where Gideon sleeps, though he certainly wouldn’t be too far from them in the small living space. Duggar fans seemed to love their little home.

One person asked Joy what happened to the house that they were living in when she and Austin got married. She answered back that they ended up selling that one right after their son was born. That was the house that the couple was working on, as seen in a previous episode of Counting On.

Joy-Anna had a devastating miscarriage in June, so it’s not known if they would have tried moving into a bigger home if she would have carried her second child, a daughter, to term. But for now, she and Austin seem very content to be living in their nice and cozy camper.

More details are sure to be revealed of Joy-Anna Duggar’s home and family on the upcoming season of TLC’s Counting On this October.