‘Total Bellas’ Star Nikki Shares Sweet Snap With ‘DWTS’ Beau Artem Chigvintsev, Hints He Won’t Be On Season 28

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Total Bellas star Nikki Bella has found love again and it is with her former Dancing with the Stars partner Artem Chigvintsev. The two have been dating for a while now and have become bolder in being public with their love for one another. A recent Instagram post of hers signaled just that, but it also seemed to signal that Artem perhaps will not be a pro on Season 28 of DWTS this fall.

In Nikki’s Instagram post from Saturday, she wrote a lengthy caption to go along with the photo showing her in an embrace with Artem outdoors. She wrote about how this is a new beginning for both of them and how she is starting a new, amazing journey with her show Total Bellas.

Nikki noted that Artem was starting a new journey too and it seems that fans of her reality television show will perhaps be seeing quite a bit of him in the episodes ahead. Bella’s post never mentioned Dancing with the Stars specifically, but she did write about how sometimes one door shuts and another opens. She also made reference to changes professionally and personally.

Many of Nikki’s fans thought that the caption, and the intimate embrace the two were sharing, was perhaps part of an announcement that the two were either engaged or perhaps she was pregnant. However, it doesn’t seem that either of those happens to be the case. Bella’s fans may not have thought all that much of how this relates to Chigvintsev, but DWTS fans certainly did.

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Today is a new beginning for both @theartemc and I. As I start a new amazing journey with @totalbellas and my life, my @theartemc is starting the same. And I am so excited for him to be on this journey with me. I’m thankful for him to showcase his life, love, ups and downs not only for me but for my Bella Army and my Total Bellas viewers. Sometimes we have a door shut and we don’t understand why, but honestly there is always a reason. I have been through that. And not through that just as a break up but through that professionally and personally. And when those other doors open they open SO big! Believe in God, the Universe, our Angels and so much greater beyond what we can see. Believe that happiness lies beyond dollar signs. As long as we have each other, health, happiness and love they can’t cheat us, use us or cause us harm. I love you all! I love your support! Your follow! Your positivity! And thank you for sharing it with someone who means SO much to me. ❤️

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Granted, Nikki didn’t specifically say that Artem wasn’t doing DWTS this fall. However, fans of the ABC series do seem to be interpreting it that way. It’s also not entirely clear whether the show cut him, he chose to leave, or they just couldn’t come to terms in some sense. However, this post does seem to signal that Chigvintsev won’t be hitting the dance floor this fall.

The buzz has been that there will be some new pros this fall, and that means that some familiar faces won’t be in the mix. Little else regarding the Season 28 pros has been unveiled as of yet, and the idea that Artem won’t be doing Dancing with the Stars does seem to suggest that fans may want to brace themselves for some additional shockers.

One way or another, Dancing with the Stars spoilers indicate that the full Season 28 cast of celebrities and pros will apparently be revealed Wednesday morning on Good Morning America. Is Nikki Bella saying that Artem Chigvintsev won’t be involved or are fans misinterpreting her post? Everybody will be anxious to learn more.