August 17, 2019
WWE Rumors: Major Star Reportedly Denied Request To Be Released From His Contract

Dolph Ziggler hasn't enjoyed the most success in WWE in recent years. While The Show-Off has been a mainstay on the roster for quite some time -- and arguably one of the greatest wrestlers on the planet -- he's never been given the push so many fans feel he rightfully deserves. He effectively serves as what is known in the industry as a "jobber to the stars," meaning that his role is to lose to other performers while making them look good.

Ziggler's bad booking continued this past week following a loss in a squash match against the 52-year-old Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg at SummerSlam. On Monday Night Raw the following night, The Miz brought further humiliation upon the superstar by decisively beating him.

With seemingly no creative direction in mind for the talented performer, it's understandable why he might be frustrated with his role within the company. And if the latest rumors are to be believed, he wants out of his contract. The bad news is that the company is actively blocking his release.

According to Cassidy Haynes of, Vince McMahon had allegedly made a "handshake deal" with the Show-Off, with both parties agreeing that he'd be allowed to walk away from the promotion following this week's Monday Night Raw.

The report states that Ziggler wants to leave WWE in order to pursue his other projects. In recent years, he's been involved in stand-up comedy and political punditry for Fox News. Should he say goodbye to the company, he has no shortage of avenues to explore further.

Instead of allowing Ziggler to leave, however, it appears that WWE chairman Vince McMahon wants to pay him to stay at home. Perhaps this is McMahon's way of saying thank you to one of his longest-serving roster members, but there's also reason to suggest that he's wary of him joining a competitor.

Since the emergence of All Elite Wrestling, the chairman has been reluctant to let any of his stars leave. Earlier this year, Mojo Rawley signed a long-term contract extension despite being unused on WWE television.

On top of that, The Inquisitr noted how Luke Harper was denied his release earlier this year, despite being fit to compete and currently without an allocated brand on WWE television.

Ziggler is a big name, regardless of how poorly he's been handled by WWE. Should he go elsewhere to ply his wrestling trade, he could become the huge star the WWE Universe has always felt he's capable of being.