August 16, 2019
New Mid-Day Magic Ticket Allows Guests A Lower Price For Kind Of A Half Day At Walt Disney World

Prices on Walt Disney World tickets increase each year, but that's not uncommon with theme parks and inflation. As the prices go up, though, some guests believe they are being priced out of attending the parks and enjoying the fun. Disney is trying to change that, which is why the company has now introduced the new Mid-Day Magic Tickets, which will allow guests to pay a lower price for fewer hours in the parks.

On Thursday, the official website of Walt Disney World was updated with the new Mid-Day Magic Ticket option, which creates some interesting possibilities. With these tickets, guests will be able to pay a lower price for entry from noon onwards.

These Mid-Day Magic Tickets are available from two to four days and can have add-ons such as the "Park Hopper" and "Park Hopper Plus." Guests can see that the pricing on these tickets is much lower than full-day tickets, and they actually get more than half of the park opening time each day.

  • 2-Day Ticket: Available from $88 per day plus tax – Expire four days after the selected start date
  • 3-Day Ticket: Available from $84 per day plus tax – Expire five days after the selected start date
  • 4-Day Ticket: Available from $79 per day plus tax – Expire seven days after the selected start date
While these are more than a half of a day in the Walt Disney World parks, guests have been asking for something similar to this for many years. Epcot has previously had a similar offer, but there are numerous limitations and restrictions on it.

Spaceship Earth sits as the icon of Epcot in Walt Disney World.
Danny Cox

There is the option of a Walt Disney World Annual Pass -- the "Epcot After 4 Annual Pass." Guests can purchase this for entry into Epcot after 4 p.m. on any day for a full year, but it has only been available to Florida residents.

The new Mid-Day Magic Tickets are obviously something that Disney is testing out, which is why they're currently available for only a limited time. The tickets went on sale on August 15, 2019 and are available through December 15, 2019.

Clearly, if they are popular enough and bring in enough revenue, Disney could always end up extending their availability.

Walt Disney World is a much-loved vacation destination for people of all ages, but some budgets just don't allow those trips to happen. The new Mid-Day Magic Tickets may only be available for a limited time, but if they end up working out for a lot of people, vacation plans could certainly end up changing.