‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Melody Thomas Scott Teases Exciting Spoilers With Makeup-Free Selfie

Y&R Leading Lady Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman).
Cliff Lipson / CBS

Since The Young and the Restless star Melody Thomas Scott joined Instagram, the popular social media platform is far more interesting. The 63-year-old Nikki Newman actress shared a makeup-free selfie today, and in the caption, she teased some exciting new spoilers.

A fresh-faced Scott appeared in front of a gray curtain with her hair wrapped in a pink terry cloth towel with a few of her roots peeking out from beneath it. She wore tortoiseshell glasses and a smile. Her pink striped top complemented the towel. The 40-year veteran of the No. 1 rated CBS daytime show pointed out that she snapped the picture before her time in the hair and makeup chair. However even before she got glam, Scott was in Wednesday work mode. The actress teased her excitement about the scenes she films today.

Judging by her tags, it’s possible that there is a big Newman family gathering coming up. Scott tagged Amelia Heinle (Victoria), Joshua Morrow (Nick), Hunter King (Summer), Melissa Ordway (Abby), and Mark Grossman (Adam). Plus, Sean Dominic, who portrays Dr. Nate Hastings, Victor’s (Eric Braeden) doctor, also made the list. The star’s tags may mean that something significant happens with Victor’s health, which would bring the entire Newman family together with the doctor.

Scott first posted to her Instagram account on June 15, and she celebrated 25,000 followers earlier this week. In just over two months, the actress has shown a light-hearted, fun side of herself that her fans and followers adore. She’s shared beautiful throwbacks as well as pieces of her everyday life. Over the weekend, Scott celebrated National Bowling Day with friends, and she clearly had an absolute ball during the outing. She even managed to walk away with at least one strike.

She dressed the part in a cute yellow bowling shirt with the name “Mel” printed on it, cuffed jeans, white ankle socks, and bowling shoes. Scott put her hair in a ponytail, which showed she meant business with the endeavor. She and Claudine Battisti, who is the director of Marketing and Communication at the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce, enjoyed the day together.

Currently, on the show, Nikki is supporting Victor while he undergoes treatments for his rare blood disease. For a moment, Victor decided to stop the medications, but Nikki urged him to continue the fight, unwilling to imagine a life without her husband by her side. The Inquisitr reported that Adam and Victor are embroiled in a war over the custody battle between Nick and Adam, which may mean bad things for Victor’s health.