‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drew Tries To Get Through To Franco

Franco is all confused as Drew and Liz try their best to explain.

General Hospital star Billy Miller.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Franco is all confused as Drew and Liz try their best to explain.

Things are getting a bit hairy on ABC’s General Hospital this week. Chelsea was right when she previously told Franco that he wouldn’t feel like himself soon. That has certainly come true now that he thinks he is Drew Cain. The memory transfer seems to have worked, and now the real Drew Cain will be facing off with Franco who truly believes that he is his BFF.

The two men will be face-to-face as Franco is ready to book out of GH. Elizabeth is devastated that her husband doesn’t know who she is, while Drew is trying to deal with the fact that Franco has his memories stored in his brain. It is all one big mess that Shiloh made. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps say that Liz will try to fill her husband in on what’s going on. However, it doesn’t appear that Franco will be too keen on what she has to say.

In the previews for Wednesday’s episode, Franco wants to leave. He seems to have some important information to give his superior officer and is anxious to make contact. That info is seemingly about Shiloh. However, Drew is seen telling his BFF that he isn’t going anywhere.

On Tuesday’s General Hospital, Kevin had Franco sedated when he got belligerent thinking he was being held against his will. At the end of the show, Drew handed him a mirror after Franco told him that he looked nothing like him. It will be a shock when he sees his actual face. He will be even more confused than he already is. However, Franco will likely question why Drew thinks he is officer Cain when he doesn’t have his face either.

The face that Drew had back when he was in Afghanistan was that of Jason Morgan. The previous flashbacks revealed that Drew looked exactly like his twin brother, Jason, back then, but has since had reconstructive surgery, and now they look nothing alike. Franco may think that they are all crazy.

Also on Wednesday, Jason and Sam will learn about what Shiloh did to Franco. Robert will fill them in on what happened. Spoilers say that he and Sam will be teaming up with Robert, most likely to make sure Shiloh won’t hurt anyone again. Jason will also be paying a visit with Franco next week. Once he sees Jason’s face, he may just realize there is something to what everyone has been telling him.

Will this situation change Jason’s hatred towards Franco? He and Liz just had a talk about how much Franco has changed. Once he finds out that Franco sacrificed his own memories to save Cameron, Jason could have a change of heart.

Keep watching General Hospital this week to see if Drew and Liz can get through to Franco.