‘Girl Meets World’ Casts Teo Halm As Cory And Topanga’s Son

girl meets world

Epic fictional sitcom couple Cory and Topanga have a new fictional son, Elliot. Elliot will be played by Teo Halm in the cast of Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World.

Teo rounds out the spun-off Matthews family following the casting of Rowan Blanchard as the girl (Riley) in Girl Meets World. While Rowan has been in movies like Spy Kids, Teo Halm, 13, is just getting started as an actor, and we don’t know a lot about him yet.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ben Savage (Cory) and Danielle Fishel (Topanga) talked about their return to the roles of Cory and Topanga.

Daniel had talked to executive producer Michael Jacobs about the spinoff but was afraid of jeopardizing the memory they created for people with Boy Meets Word. Then she got a text from Ben Savage:

“It was really cute because I had already talked to Michael and I didn’t know if Ben had already talked to Michael. Then one night I got a text from Ben that just said, ‘Hey what do you think about being my wife again?’ And I wrote him back and I said, ‘Nothing would make me happier than to call you my husband five days a week.’

Ben and Danielle introduced Teo Halm on their respective Twitter accounts just like they did with Rowan in January:

Part of what Boy Meets World fans loved so much about the TGIF show was the special relationship Cory had with his teacher and mentor Mr. Feeney. The grown up Topanga is an attorney, and Ben Savage loves that Cory is a teacher:

I think it’s very poetic that [Cory] would end up as a teacher. It fits in nicely with how we ended the last show and how Mr. Feeny was his role model and his mentor throughout his life. It’s a nice transition.

According to TV Line, Disney Channel has only publicly committed to shooting a pilot of Girl Meets World, but given the excitement fans have shown online throughs social media, Teo Halm and Rowan Blanchard are going to have fun for several years playing Cory and Topanga’s kids.