Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Weekly Preview Hints At A Potential Outbreak In Port Charles & Lots Of Chaos

Todd WawrychukABC

A big sneak peek for the week of August 12 has just emerged, and it is jam-packed with juicy General Hospital spoilers. Viewers already know that there will be a lot of drama connected to Franco this week, but now some additional teasers hint at what else is on the way.

The preview was posted on the show’s Twitter page on Monday, and it provided a jaw-dropping look at all of the chaos set to hit Port Charles over the next few episodes. General Hospital spoilers confirm that Franco will soon regain consciousness. All focus will be on him as he opens his eyes to see whether he retains his own memories or now has those of Drew.

The clip shows that Franco will be up and dressed, but both Drew and Kevin will be in his room, seemingly cautioning him to take things slowly. Kevin will point out that he’s been through a very traumatic event, and at some point, viewers will see a concerned Elizabeth cover her face as she sees something stunning.

Not everything coming up this week relates to this Franco drama, though. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Finn will be concerned as he talks about a possible contagion exposure. Hayden is next to him as he says this, but it sounds as if this potential illness could be a much bigger problem than something that impacts just Finn and Hayden.

Will the contagion he references be related to Sasha’s illness? It seems fairly likely, and General Hospital spoilers have been hinting that Finn would find himself in the center of a medical drama after Hayden returned to Port Charles. The teaser suggests that this contagion could ultimately pose a threat to all of Port Charles, and viewers will be curious to see where this heads next.

The show has been hinting for a while now that they may be bringing Nikolas back from the dead, and General Hospital spoilers tease that this may really escalate this week. Laura will talk with Ava’s psychic, and the psychic will caution Laura that her son is in grave danger.

Laura will surely think that she’s talking about Lucky since she believes that Nikolas is dead. Of course, Lucky is alive and out there somewhere, and fans would love to see him return to Port Charles. However, it seems much more likely that it’ll turn out to be Nik that the psychic Chelsea is referencing.

So far, nothing solid about Nikolas returning to Port Charles has emerged via the latest General Hospital spoilers. Tyler Christopher has said he’d be open to returning, but the soap could go with a recast at this point, too.

SheKnows Soaps notes that there are also developments with Kim and Julian, Jax and Nina, as well as Sam and Jason coming up over the next few days. It’s time for Mike’s wedding to Yvonne, and viewers will see more regarding Alexis and Neil’s challenging dynamic as well.

At this point, there has been nothing specific teased regarding Shiloh, but his storyline isn’t over yet. It’s going to be a wild week on multiple fronts, and additional General Hospital spoilers will emerge providing more details as the week of August 12 progresses.