Frank Langella Infected Barbara Walters With Chicken Pox

Frank Langella is responsible for infecting Barbara Walters with chicken pox.

The co-host of The View recently revealed that a well-known actor gave her chicken pox. Although she initially wouldn’t reveal the man’s name, Barbara Walters has since changed her mind.

According to Yahoo! News, actor Frank Langella gave the journalist chicken pox during a brief encounter in Miami on New Year’s Day.

Barbara Walters explained that she simply gave the actor a quick hug and a kiss during at a party. What she didn’t know was that Frank Langella was about to come down with shingles.

According to the New York Daily News, Walters didn’t immediately reveal that Langella was the guy responsible for giving her chicken pox. However, an insider at ABC assured the website that he was culprit.

The source said:

“We were all on Google checking if you need to exchange fluid to catch it. It seems that Barbara is telling the truth, and a kiss on the cheek would be enough to pass it on. Now we are all betting on who this name was. Diddy spends a lot of time in Miami and his name was being tossed around.”

USA Today explains that Barbara Walters finally came clean about Frank Langella during Tuesday’s episode of the daytime chat show. She also added that the actor is over his bout with shingles.

Walters explained that she originally didn’t want to name Langella as the man responsible for giving her chicken pox. However, she later changed her mind after Joy Behar pointed out that the news was already making the rounds online.

Frank Langella

Barbara said of the experience:

“The next day, he left, and what he didn’t know then — and what I didn’t know at all — was he was about to develop a bad case of shingles. Now, if you have never had chicken pox you can get it from someone with shingles.”

Since The View co-hosts aren’t above having a little fun at others expense, Walters received a bit of ribbing about her encounter with the Dracula star.

Behar joked:

“But I would like to point out that Frank Langella once played Dracula so you’re lucky he didn’t suck your blood.”

Walters’ return to The View was met with a standing ovation. She also received a visit from Mayor Bloomberg. Jimmy Carter, Joan Rivers, and President Obama reportedly sent well-wishes to the acclaimed journalist during her time away from the show.

Oddly enough, Frank Langella has a romantic past with a member of The View. The veteran actor reportedly lived with Whoopi Goldberg between 1996 and 2001.

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