Democratic Strategists Claim Elizabeth Warren Poses ‘Largest Threat’ To Joe Biden In Iowa

Alex WongGetty Images

Former vice president Joe Biden may hold a commanding lead in the national polls. However, as experts begin looking at state polls and potential outcomes, there is fresh indication that Sen. Elizabeth Warren is one candidate Biden might lose sleep over when it comes to winning Iowa.

According to The Hill, Iowa has proven to be a more challenging state for Biden in the past, as Democratic residents of the Hawkeye State tend to vote for the party’s more progressive candidates, something Warren has in spades.

Warren’s only real competition at this point for winning over progressive voters in Iowa would be Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

However, last week a Monmouth poll gave Warren a decisive lead in Iowa with 19 percent — a 10 percent lead over Sanders in the critical caucus state, according to Real Clear Politics. California Sen. Kamala Harris was listed in second place with 11 percent support.

Just four months ago, Warren sat at seven percent in the same poll, so her efforts to connect with voters in Iowa have seemingly worked.

Pat Rynard, founder of the Iowa Democratic news site Iowa Starting Line, made no bones about Warren’s looming threat to Biden’s chances of winning Iowa.

“I would definitely say she’s is the largest threat to Joe Biden,” Rynard said.

“My main observation is that she is the coalition candidate. She is the one in the field who can appeal to progressive activists while not scaring away the rest of the voters.”

Tracy Sefl, a Democratic strategist from Iowa who also worked as a surrogate for Hillary Clinton in 2016, explained that Warren is exactly what voters in her state are looking for.

“Warren in many ways is a perfect Iowa candidate because she is so thorough and meticulous,” Sefl said. “That meshes well with Iowa caucus-goers’ expectations.”

The Hill reported that strategists believe another reason Warren’s doing so well is because she’s taking away support from Sanders, who was once the only real option for progressive voters.

As opposed to Biden, Warren’s aides claim she’s gaining steady ground in the state through a series of “mini-interactions” and a steady approach to presenting her policy proposals — a strategy that seemingly runs counter to Biden’s attempt to shock the news cycle with direct attacks on the president.

Biden spent four days giving speeches and talking to reporters in Iowa while making headlines with a number of gaffes. He did this alongside slamming President Donald Trump for “fanning the flames of white supremacy,” as reported previously by The Inquisitr.