Verizon Reported Deacon For Child Pornography

Verizon Reports Deacon For Child Pornography

Verizon reported a deacon for child pornography, which led to his arrest late last week. The 66-year-old man was reportedly a deacon in Baltimore, Maryland for many years.

William Steven Albaugh was ordained as a deacon for the Catholic church in 1996. He has been part of the ministry at St. Joseph Church, Fullerton for nearly 17 years. Albaugh contends that he never abused any of the children in the recovered photographs, but the Archdiocese of Baltimore has suspended his appointment.

The press release, posted on St. Joseph Church, Fullerton’s website, discussed the incident and subsequent suspension:

“Deacon William Albaugh … was arrested this morning on a charge of possession of child pornography by the Baltimore County Police Department … Neither the parish nor the Archdiocese has received any prior allegations against Mr. Albaugh, who successfully fulfilled all of the child & youth protection requirements of the Archdiocese, including a criminal history screening.”

The church is offering an informational meeting and counseling for its parishioners. Additionally, the church offers advise to possible victims of sexual abuse including hotlines to report incidents.

Verizon reported the deacon for child pornography according to their terms of service, which specifically prohibits use for the “transmission or dissemination of images containing child pornography.” Verizon reportedly contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, who then contacted local law enforcement in Baltimore.

Albaugh was arrested on Friday for the possession of child pornography. As reported by the International Business Times, he has admitted to collecting the materials for over 40 years but denies abusing any children.

Authorities have reportedly recovered several thumb drives along with the online materials stored with Verizon. There are reportedly numerous files containing child pornography removed from Albaugh’s home.

Albaugh was arrested after Verizon reported the deacon for child pornography. He posted $75,000 bond and has been released until his next court date. Authorities are continuing their investigation.