Joe Biden Crushes Donald Trump By Wide Margin In Latest Head-To-Head Poll, 3 Other Democrats Also Lead Trump

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In a new poll released this week by Survey USA, Donald Trump appears to be struggling in his re-election bid, failing to top 44 percent when matched head-to-head against any of the top Democratic candidates now running to oppose him next November.

In the 2016 election against Democrat Hillary Clinton, Trump took 46.4 percent of the vote, to 48.5 percent for Clinton, according to CNN. But by pulling out extremely narrow victories in a trio of “rust belt” states, Trump managed to win an Electoral College victory.

But in the new poll, Democratic frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden leads Trump by 8 percentage points, with 50 percent to just 42 for Trump, as reported by Real Clear Politics. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders also leads Trump by eight points, also with 50 percent to Trump’s 42.

In fact, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren also leads Trump, but by only two points, while California Senator Kamala Harris leads Trump by one point. Survey USA judges those two hypothetical races “too close to call,” and calls them “statistical ties.” The same applies to South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who trails Trump by two points, with 42 percent to Trump’s 44.

The new poll showing Biden comfortably leading Trump by eight points comes in the heels of Trump’s latest insults hurled at the former vice president. As The Inquisitr has reported, Trump, on Friday, declared that Biden was “not playing with a full deck.”

Joe Biden delivers a speech
Former Vice President Joe Biden would defeat Donald Trump easily, according to a new poll.Featured image credit: Stephen MaturenGetty Images

But Trump has apparently been fixated on proving himself superior to Biden for some time, even last year challenging Biden to a fistfight.

“If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him,” Trump said, as quoted by The Daily Beast.

The Survey USA poll also showed that Biden is thrashing Trump in the key states of North Carolina and California, according to results posted by FiveThirtyEight. In the southern state of North Carolina, Biden beats Trump by eight points, 49-41 — which is a wider margin than former President Barack Obama managed against Trump in the hypothetical matchup. Obama beats Trump by only seven points, according to Survey USA.

In California, at least according to Survey USA, Trump might as well not bother showing up. Biden slaughters Trump in the Democrat-dominated Golden State by a whopping 34 points, 61 percent to 27. That means Biden would be a lock to win the state’s crucial 55 electoral votes in the 2020 general election — the largest electoral haul of any state.