Fotis Dulos’ Lawyer Claims Jennifer Dulos Took Thousands Of Dollars From Him Before Going Missing


Jennifer Dulos is a 50-year-old Connecticut mother-of-five that has been missing May 24. She was last seen dropping her kids off at school and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. The primary suspects in the case are her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis. Both of these suspects were charged with tampering with evidence and interfering with the investigation after allegedly removing Jennifer’s blood and other evidence from the crime scene, according to CBS New York.

Both the suspects have pleaded not guilty and are currently out on bail. Since the beginning, Dulos’ outspoken lawyer, Norm Pattis, has suggested that Jennifer disappeared out of her own accord. Now he’s revealed yet another reason why he believes this could be so.

According to Pattis, Jennifer spent $14,000 of her estranged husband’s money to undergo medical testing prior to her disappearance. The tests included blood work, diagnostic, and reproductive testing. He claims that this could provide support to his ongoing theory that Jennifer staged her own disappearance.

While Pattis has said from the beginning that he believes Jennifer planned her own Gone Girl style disappearance, many have found this theory hard to believe for one very important reason; her five children. Everyone who knew Jennifer insists that she was a loving and devoted mother who would never be away from her kids if she could help it.

In addition, Jennifer’s children are still quite young, the youngest of the bunch only 8-years-old. To the majority of the general public, as well as Jennifer’s family, it seems quite unlikely that she would abandon her children

“Ms. Dulos may have been despondent at or about the time she disappeared. There’s a lot that I could say and haven’t said. For example, we’re aware of a lot of missing money that was taken from Mr. Dulos’ accounts by Jennifer. I haven’t gone to the press with that,” said Pattis of the diagnostic tests Jennifer had conducted.

Prior to her disappearance, Jennifer and Dulos were in the middle of a nasty divorce and custody battle. She had made previous statements accusing her estranged husband of being controlling, threatening her, and being verbally abusive.

Dulos has insisted he is innocent and the truth regarding her disappearance will come out eventually. He even did a televised interview in which he explained that though he and his estranged wife had their differences, he would have never hurt her.