Drew Barrymore Reveals The Surprisingly Cheap Product That Keeps Her Skin Looking Perfect

Drew Barrymore claims a $12 facial oil is her key to flawless looking skin.

Drew Barrymore laughs on stage.
Brendon Thorne / Getty Images

Drew Barrymore claims a $12 facial oil is her key to flawless looking skin.

Famous actress Drew Barrymore is 44-years-old and a mother of two children, Olivia and Frankie Barrymore Kopelman. Nevertheless, the star still looks as young and beautiful as ever. In a recent Instagram post, Barrymore revealed her skin secret and showed herself applying some of her favorite products. The post was in honor of beauty junkie week, a specific week when makeup and beauty lovers promote their favorite makeup items and skincare products. During this time, Barrymore shared some of her favorite lip balms, face masks, eye gels and serums. She finished off the week with her favorite skin oil products, Juno oil and vitamin E oil, according to Today.

Barrymore is a self-proclaimed skincare product junkie who loves to try out new products and learn about how to keep her skin looking its very best. She sat before the camera with a makeup-free face and freshly washed hair. The first holy grail product she shared is the Juno Antioxidant Superfood Face Oil by the brand Sunday Riley. This product retails for $36 and is packed with a variety of healthy ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. It’s composed of cranberry seed oil, broccoli seed oil, and vitamins A, C, E, and K.

“It’s one of the first products that made me fall deeply in love with skin care,” she told her followers.

The second product is surprisingly cheap, but Barrymore swears by it. It’s only $12 and can be purchased from Amazon. It’s called Now Solutions E-Oil and is hydrating, natural vitamin E oil that helps keep the skin hydrated and fresh. Customers on Amazon seem to agree with her praise of the product, giving it a 5-star rating.


Barrymore finished of her review and concluded beauty junkie week by reminding viewers that beauty isn’t so much about how we look but how we feel and our confidence levels. She is passionate about using the beauty industry to help send a message of positivity and self-love.

“I believe beauty is about to be way we feel. And if we have tools to feel good then that’s how we present ourselves. It’s not about the way it looks, the question is are we happy and confident and ready to laugh and listen! I am so into promoting positive messages in the beauty world! We are who we are and that is unique and beautiful in itself. Now go out there and kill it! And share tips with others along the way!”