Man Robs Bank With Toy Gun And Gets Shot With Real Revolver

A Missouri man tried to rob a bank with a toy gun and got shot in the face with a very real .357 magnum. Michael Oliva, 34, used a plastic replica handgun when demanding money from the Trimble bank. An employee was able to grab his Smith and Wesson .357 magnum and ultimately shot the robber in the face.

US Attorney for the Western District of Missouri charged Michael Oliva in federal court on Monday. The toy gun bank robbery suspect was charged with attempted robbery and leading police officers on a high-speed chase, WDAF-TV reports.

An excerpt from court documents reads:

“Oliva allegedly pulled on a black mask, pointed what appeared to be a handgun, but was later found to be a realistic plastic replica, at a bank employee and ordered her to give him the money in her teller drawer. The employee instead dropped to the floor behind the teller stations and began crawling toward another bank employee, shouting for help. As she was crawling, the affidavit says, she saw Oliva lean over the teller station and point his handgun at her.”

The Missouri bank teller then reportedly threw a plastic trash over the counter toward Oliva. The toy gun bank robbery suspect had moved around the bank clerk stations and was standing right behind the female staffer, The Blaze notes.

Another employee heard screams coming from the Missouri bank lobby and grabbed his Smith and Wesson .357 magnum revolver. He saw the robber pointing a gun at his co-worker when he fired off two rounds. The first bullet hit Michael Oliva in the jaw. The toy gun-wielding robber ran for the doors – without any cash.

The bank employee had a concealed carry permit and is not expected to face any charges for firing his weapon. Trimble Police Chief Larry Fish had this to say about the toy gun bank robbery:

“Anybody that does any kind of crime, breaks into houses or goes and robs anybody they basically they’re taking their own life on the line.”

Michael Oliva reportedly left a large blood trial along the side of the bank building. Police investigators followed the blood to a handicapped parking space. After Oliva’s vehicle was spotted on the roadway, he led the Trimble police officers in a chase which exceeded 100 miles per hour. Spike strips were ultimately used to stop the fleeing bank robbery suspect.

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