August 7, 2019
Prince Harry Is On A 'Different Planet' Since Meeting Meghan Markle, Claims Royal Expert

A royal expert has claimed that the Prince Harry of today is "worlds away" from his former self, per The Sun. Duncan Larcombe has followed Prince Harry since he was a teenager and noticed the changes to his personality after his marriage to American actress-turned-royal Meghan Markle.

"He's on a different planet from the Harry we've seen develop from a teen to an adult to an army officer to the most popular member of the royal family," he said.

"It's worlds away from how Harry has been for his life."
"Harry is saying all the right things but saying them in a way that is so un-Harry, that perhaps people who have identified with him for years are thinking 'what's going on?' 'What's gotten into Harry?'" Larcombe added.

The change has been noticed by fans, and perhaps is the reason that Prince Harry missed out this year on being the United Kingdom's most-admired royal. The redheaded prince previously held an approval rating of 77 percent, winning hearts after he shed his party boy image to become the soldier who greeted fans as friends and founded the hugely successful Invictus Games. However, he recently lost out on the honor of favorite royal to his brother, after his approval has dropped a staggering seven points over the past year, per The Latin Times.

Moreover, more and more criticism seems to be hitting the Duke of Sussex, after he was slammed for speaking barefoot about saving the planet -- after allegedly taking both a private jet and a helicopter to the event itself, as reported by The Inquisitr.

This comes after he and Meghan have received much heat for their privacy demands -- such as misleading the media about the birth of Archie Harrison and then keeping the names of their son's godparents secret -- and after spending around $3 million of taxpayers' money on renovations for their new home, Frogmore Cottage.

However, despite the public outcry, Larcombe insists that he believes that the duke remains utterly content with his life's choices.

"I think he's the happiest now he's ever been," the royal expert claimed. He also added that it is natural for people to change as they get older and get married.

"He's still caught in a whirlwind romance and when people do get married they do change," Larcombe added.

Harry was not afraid to gush about his wife in a recent birthday post to Instagram, in which he called her "amazing" and thanked Meghan for joining him on life's "adventure."

The sweet note received over 1,235,000 likes and over 32,000 comments.